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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Orange, manihot, cocoanut in market Image 1920-04-07
Oranges in palm leaf fruit baskets Image 1920-04-07
Orchard steppe Image 1920-04-20
Ostrich, corn, etc. Image 1920-04-12
Out of Zanzibar Image 1920-04-10
Pandanus like palm Image 1920-04-04
Pangani River Image 1920-04-11
Panorama Image 1920-04-18
Panorama Image 1920-04-18
Panorama Image 1920-04-18
Panorama Image 1920-04-18
Panorama Image 1920-04-18
Papaya Image 1920-04-15
Papaya, pepper, bananas, etc Image 1920-04-17
Path lined with cassias Image 1920-04-11
Path through clove orchard Image 1920-04-05
Pile of cocoanuts Image 1920-04-05
Piles of wood Image 1920-04-20
Plantain Image 1920-04-07
Poinciana regia in street Image 1920-04-11
Pottery clay pots in market Image 1920-04-07
Prop roots Image 1920-04-11
Prop roots of mangrove Image 1920-04-11
Pumpkins, manihot, banana, etc Image 1920-04-17
Rambutan, red one Image 1920-04-07
Reefs and small islands Image 1920-04-03
Rice field Image 1920-04-17
Rice fields, mountains Image 1920-04-11
Rice, banana, ochra, etc Image 1920-04-17
Rice, bananas, white trunked tree Image 1920-04-11
River bed Image 1920-04-14
River bottom, bananas, etc Image 1920-04-19
River vegetation Image 1920-04-14
River, cattle, tall acacias Image 1920-04-20
Road through manihot Image 1920-04-16
Roadway with combretum Image 1920-04-14
Rose apple Image 1920-04-07
Sandy clay soil Image 1920-04-19
Sansevieria, elephant foot, etc. Image 1920-04-11
Scattered acacia Image 1920-04-11
Seaweeds along the coast Image 1920-04-04
Shipping in the harbor Image 1920-04-03
Shore Image 1920-04-05
Shore line Image 1920-04-10
Shore, bay Image 1920-04-10
Sisal Image 1920-04-11
Sisal Image 1920-04-11
Sisal Image 1920-04-11
Sisal Image 1920-04-16
Sisal drying on frame Image 1920-04-11
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