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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Tall grass Image 1920-02-04
Tall grass along native path Image 1920-02-04
Tall grass and palms Image 1920-02-04
Three ears of corn Image 1920-02-07
Three fruits and leaves Image 1920-02-03
Three mangoes Image 1920-02-10
Three mangoes Image 1920-02-10
Tobacco, Colocasia, etc. Image 1920-02-06
Train Image 1920-02-09
Tree Image 1920-02-29
Trees Image 1920-02-23
Trees and grass Image 1920-02-23
Trees and grass Image 1920-02-23
Trees and grass near river Image 1920-02-09
Tribe of Watusi Image 1920-02-25
Two fruits Image 1920-02-10
Two fruits of mango Image 1920-02-20
Typical cattle Image 1920-02-26
Typical forest Image 1920-02-11
Typical vegetation Image 1920-02-13
Typical vegetation Image 1920-02-13
Verstappen, Raven, Shantz Image 1920-02-26
Village huts Image 1920-02-16
Voandzeia Image 1920-02-11
Water line Image 1920-02-15
Watusi Image 1920-02-25
Watusi Image 1920-02-25
White bull calf Image 1920-02-26
White eggplant Image 1920-02-20
Wife of Belgian askari Image 1920-02-15
Women returning from work Image 1920-02-22
Workmen dancing Image 1920-02-27
Workmen returning from fields Image 1920-02-27
Young native boys Image 1920-02-13
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