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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Pteris & Aframomum Image 1920-01-05
Railroad Image 1920-01-23
Railroad Image 1920-01-23
Railroad Image 1920-01-24
Raven with house and forest Image 1920-01-24
Rest houses Image 1920-01-23
Rhus sp. Image 1920-01-05
Rice Image 1920-01-24
Rice Image 1920-01-25
Rice field and forest Image 1920-01-24
Rice field with bananas Image 1920-01-24
Rice fields, old corn Image 1920-01-24
Rice just coming up Image 1920-01-30
Rich grass vegetation Image 1920-01-11
Ripe corn, rice Image 1920-01-25
River & vegetation on bank Image 1920-01-11
River and trees Image 1920-01-11
River bank Image 1920-01-17
River bank Image 1920-01-17
River bank Image 1920-01-17
River bank - boat landing Image 1920-01-18
River bank - oil palms Image 1920-01-17
River bank and oil palms Image 1920-01-17
River bank with large tree Image 1920-01-18
River bed Image 1920-01-11
Road through tropical rain forest Image 1920-01-24
Rocks, grass and trees Image 1920-01-12
Roots of large tree Image 1920-01-27
Rows of Kaffir Image 1920-01-19
Side view native woman Image 1920-01-14
Small village Image 1920-01-17
Soil bank Image 1920-01-08
Soil bank Image 1920-01-23
Soil bank Image 1920-01-24
Soil cut down Image 1920-01-07
Soil cut down Image 1920-01-08
Soil cut from bank Image 1920-01-28
Soil profile Image 1920-01-11
Soil profile Image 1920-01-31
Sorghum grass Image 1920-01-13
Sparsely wooded hill Image 1920-01-22
Square hut in construction Image 1920-01-14
Station house Image 1920-01-11
Straw-crested crane Image 1920-01-19
Stream, bank vegetation Image 1920-01-24
Stream, grass and forest Image 1920-01-24
Stream, trees and grass Image 1920-01-24
Stream, tropical vegetation Image 1920-01-30
Street scene Image 1920-01-05
Stump in soil Image 1920-01-11
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