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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Detail of forest and grass Image 1920-01-11
Train Image 1920-01-11
Stump in soil Image 1920-01-11
Vegetation on north side of river Image 1920-01-11
Dry forest Image 1920-01-11
River bed Image 1920-01-11
General view of river Image 1920-01-11
Bridge across Kalule nord Image 1920-01-11
Detail of forest Image 1920-01-11
River & vegetation on bank Image 1920-01-11
Dry forest of east slope of river Image 1920-01-11
River and trees Image 1920-01-11
Soil profile Image 1920-01-11
Native village Image 1920-01-11
Natives at side of track Image 1920-01-11
Rich grass vegetation Image 1920-01-11
Station house Image 1920-01-11
Wood and rails Image 1920-01-11
Termite hill Image 1920-01-11
Very fine foliage Image 1920-01-11
Acacia at side of track Image 1920-01-11
Soil cut down Image 1920-01-08
Soil bank Image 1920-01-08
Detail of surface soil Image 1920-01-08
Clump of grass Image 1920-01-08
Grass and small trees Image 1920-01-08
Grass, trees, termite hill Image 1920-01-08
Train Image 1920-01-08
Peanuts, corn Image 1920-01-08
Corn Image 1920-01-08
Termite hill 10 ft. high Image 1920-01-08
Termite hill 25 ft. high Image 1920-01-08
Large termite hill Image 1920-01-08
A typical Belgian station Image 1920-01-08
Bamboo about 10 ft. high Image 1920-01-08
Natives Image 1920-01-08
Native woman - deep blue color Image 1920-01-08
M'bao board Image 1920-01-08
Typical low land Image 1920-01-07
Tall grass and trees Image 1920-01-07
Natives, tobacco plants & bananas Image 1920-01-07
Garden and native huts Image 1920-01-07
Belgian purchases new wife Image 1920-01-07
Tall grass Image 1920-01-07
Garden Image 1920-01-07
Garden flowers Image 1920-01-07
Native women rushing to train Image 1920-01-07
Natives at train Image 1920-01-07
High grassland Image 1920-01-07
High grassland Image 1920-01-07
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