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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Natives working on sisal Image 1920-05-02
Natives working on sisal fiber Image 1920-05-02
Orchard steppe Image 1920-05-11
Orchard steppe Image 1920-05-11
Ox carts and motors Image 1920-05-11
Oxen in mud Image 1920-05-06
Palm and houses Image 1920-05-03
Palms and forest down stream Image 1920-05-19
Panorama Image 1920-05-03
Panorama Image 1920-05-03
Panorama Image 1920-05-03
Panorama Image 1920-05-03
Papyrus Image 1920-05-01
Papyrus Image 1920-05-01
Papyrus house Image 1920-05-02
Papyrus swamp Image 1920-05-01
Papyrus swamp Image 1920-05-06
Papyrus view Image 1920-05-01
Path in high forest Image 1920-05-15
Rhino skin Image 1920-05-27
Road in black cotton soil Image 1920-05-02
Road, ox wagon Image 1920-05-06
Road, trees Image 1920-05-15
Sisal Image 1920-05-11
Sisal Image 1920-05-11
Sisal and bee tree Image 1920-05-11
Sisal and Combretum Image 1920-05-11
Sisal and road Image 1920-05-11
Sisal and sisal factory Image 1920-05-11
Sisal farm Image 1920-05-11
Sisal field Image 1920-05-03
Sisal field Image 1920-05-06
Sisal plantation Image 1920-05-19
Skinning rhino Image 1920-05-27
Soil bank Image 1920-05-02
Soil bank, dark red brown Image 1920-05-11
Soil dark reddish brown Image 1920-05-11
Soil profile Image 1920-05-03
Stream and forest Image 1920-05-03
Stream and vegetation Image 1920-05-02
Stream with Potamogeton papyrus Image 1920-05-02
Stream, bananas, fig Image 1920-05-30
T. Brown, Ed. Heller & Shantz Image 1920-05-30
Tall ribbed trees Image 1920-05-15
Themeda grass flat Image 1920-05-02
Themeda grassland Image 1920-05-11
Themeda grassland Image 1920-05-27
Themeda grassland Image 1920-05-27
Themeda grassland and thorn tree Image 1920-05-27
Thespesia Image 1920-05-15
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