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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Bananas downstream Image 1920-05-03
Bananas, oil palms, etc Image 1920-01-19
Bananas, oil palms, etc Image 1920-03-15
Bananas, path, manihot Image 1920-04-11
Bananas, rambutan, guava Image 1920-04-05
Bananas, rice field Image 1920-01-24
Bananas, rice, manihot & corn Image 1920-02-06
Bananas, river in back Image 1920-01-25
Bananas, trees and stream Image 1920-05-30
Bananas, yams and dasheen Image 1920-05-30
Bananas, yams, rice Image 1920-01-25
Bangwe island Image 1920-03-27
Bank of river Image 1920-01-17
Bank of river Image 1920-01-21
Bank of river Image 1920-01-22
Bank with corn on bank Image 1920-01-18
Baobab Image 1920-03-30
Baobab tree in fruit and flower Image 1920-04-11
Base of large tree Image 1920-01-28
Basket of beans Image 1920-02-27
Baskets Image 1920-02-28
Baskets of corn Image 1920-01-05
Bay Image 1920-03-31
Bay Image 1920-03-31
Bay Image 1920-03-31
Bay Image 1920-04-07
Bay Image 1920-04-11
Bay Image 1920-04-11
Bay Image 1920-04-11
Beans Image 1920-02-28
Beans Image 1920-02-28
Beans Image 1920-02-28
Beans, celery, peas, lettuce, etc Image 1920-02-01
Beans, corn, pumpkins Image 1920-01-05
Beans, kaffir, eggplant, tomato Image 1920-02-22
Beautiful blue mint hedge Image 1920-05-11
Beautiful tall grass Image 1920-01-11
Beautiful trumpet flower Image 1920-04-14
Beds Image 1920-03-31
Beds ready to plant Image 1920-03-28
Bee tree Image 1920-05-19
Bee tree Image 1920-05-19
Belgian askari Image 1920-03-03
Belgian purchases new wife Image 1920-01-07
Betel nut, pepper leaf, tobacco Image 1920-04-02
Blue gladiolus Image 1920-03-17
Blue water lily Image 1920-02-12
Boat landing Image 1920-01-18
Boat on Lualaba Image 1920-01-19
Boats on train Image 1920-01-31
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