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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Large mango, papaya Image 1920-04-05
Old school for boys Image 1920-04-05
Concrete or lime coral road Image 1920-04-05
Old avenue of mango trees Image 1920-04-05
Old mango tree Image 1920-04-05
Bay Image 1920-04-07
General view Image 1920-04-07
Church Image 1920-04-07
Church Image 1920-04-07
Orange, manihot, cocoanut in market Image 1920-04-07
Oranges in palm leaf fruit baskets Image 1920-04-07
Date like fruit Image 1920-04-07
Copra Image 1920-04-07
Pottery clay pots in market Image 1920-04-07
Small mango Image 1920-04-07
Small mango Image 1920-04-07
Rose apple Image 1920-04-07
Mango Image 1920-04-07
Rambutan, red one Image 1920-04-07
Small fruited Eugenia Image 1920-04-07
African almond Image 1920-04-07
A green orange with thin skin Image 1920-04-07
Banana Image 1920-04-07
Plantain Image 1920-04-07
Small "milk" banana Image 1920-04-07
Fruit Image 1920-04-07
An old tree Image 1920-04-08
Grapefruit, muscatine, palms Image 1920-04-08
Broad pinnule, maiden hair fern Image 1920-04-08
Bamboo, Botanical gardens Image 1920-04-08
Allspice, bamboo and palm Image 1920-04-08
A palm Image 1920-04-08
Ficus roots and a palm Image 1920-04-08
Cycas and palms Image 1920-04-08
Out of Zanzibar Image 1920-04-10
A dhow and small boat Image 1920-04-10
Dhows and dock Image 1920-04-10
Crew eating rice Image 1920-04-10
Mangrove on reef Image 1920-04-10
Mangrove on reef Image 1920-04-10
Coral reef Image 1920-04-10
Coral reef Image 1920-04-10
Narrow canoe without rigging Image 1920-04-10
Shore line Image 1920-04-10
Shore, bay Image 1920-04-10
Hospital in distance Image 1920-04-10
Baobab tree in fruit and flower Image 1920-04-11
Poinciana regia in street Image 1920-04-11
House, walks, eucalyptus, etc Image 1920-04-11
Hospital in back Image 1920-04-11
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