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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Pinus flexilis, Lodgepole Pine Image 1927-07-25
Lake, Pine and dead trees Image 1927-07-26
Dead timber, Lodgepole Pine Image 1927-07-26
Senecio, broad leaf, Monkshood Image 1927-07-26
Lupinus, Lodgepole Pine Image 1927-07-26
Lodgepole pine surface roots Image 1927-07-27
Large Umbellifera, Spruce, Pine Image 1927-07-27
Mertensia umbellifer Image 1927-07-27
General view, Geranium, Senecio Image 1927-07-27
Umbellifer, Willow, Fir, Pine Image 1927-07-27
Top of Mt. Washburn, Lupine, etc. Image 1927-07-27
Top of Mt. Washburn, veg. Image 1927-07-27
Lichens, Pine, Storm Image 1927-07-27
Beaver Dam with trees dead, Mertensia Image 1927-07-27
Beaver dam Image 1927-07-27
Linnea borealis Image 1927-07-27
Roosevelt camp, Fireweed Image 1927-07-27
Roosevelt camp, Eriogonum sulphurium Image 1927-07-27
Old Aspen, fireweed, geranium Image 1927-07-27
Senecio, fireweed, Douglas fir Image 1927-07-27
Delphinium, fireweed, yarrow Image 1927-07-27
Douglas Fir, Roosevelt Camp Image 1927-07-28
Roosevelt camp, Douglas fir Image 1927-07-28
Top of Mt. Image 1927-08-12
Lodgepole Pine, Willows Image 1927-08-12
Artemisia trifida, Lodgepole pine Image 1927-08-12
Beaver cut and aspens Image 1927-08-12
Aspen, cut by beavers Image 1927-08-12
Engelmann spruce, Lodgepole pine Image 1927-08-12
Spruce, Pine, Juniper, sage Image 1927-08-12
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