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Title Date created
An Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography. 1873
History of Eastern Arizona Stake of Zion: Early Settlement of Apache County 1912
A Brief Report on Transient Families in Arizona 1931
History of the Yavapai Bonds 1898
Public and State Lands of Arizona 1914
Copy of the Carrick & Mangham Agua Fria Lands & Irrigation Company water contract with Salt River Valley Water Users'... 1921
The land court act and proposed ammendments. 1882
Report on Fort Grant Military Reservation 1912
Federal Lands and the Permanent School Fund. 1933
Prospectus of the Calabasas, Tucson, and North Western Railroad Company 1885
A geological reconnaissance of the Tucson and Amole mountains 1920
A small appropriation for the Gila project this year will start canal work to take Colorado River water to the thirsty lands of the Mohawk... 1940
Rational plan for conservation of water resources of Salt River Valle 1933
Concrete Caisson Well. 1908
Our Farmers and our Future. 1910
Pima Farms, Cortaro, Arizona. 1925
Chino Valley Irrigation District Willow Creek Project 1933
Memorandum of the history of the canals of the Salt River Valley from the first of the present system to the letting of the contract for... 1936
Irrigation canals and other irrigation works, including the flow of water in irrigation canals and open and closed channels generally, with... 1891
Report on the proposed improvement of the St. David irrigation system, Cochise County, Arizona 1930
Economic Features and Potential Development Values of the Roosevelt Irrigation District 1927
Paradise-Verde Irrigation District: a description and history of the project, together with the State Examiner's Report from Mar. 11,... 1920
Gila Valley Irrigation District. Safford, Arizona. 1928
Prehistoric Irrigation in Arizona 1893
Salt River Valley Water Users' Association. (Controlling) Roosevelt Dam and the Salt River Irrigation and Power Project offer three... 1924