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An aboriginal salt mine at Camp Verde, Arizona 1928
A unique prehistoric irrigation project. "Address of the retiring president of the Ohio Academy of Science, delivered at the annual... 1946
Report of a visit to the Navajo, Pueblo, and Hualapais Indians of New Mexico and Arizona 1885
A proposition to create a State Agricultural and Normal College for the State of Arizona to be located at Tempe 1912
Northern Arizona normal school: an institution much needed by northern counties. 1899
Ten years; selected editorials from the Native American 1915-1925 1925
The Origin of Primitive American Agriculture and its Relation to the Early Agriculture of Arizona 1920
The inheritance of awn-length in wheat. 1922
The Efficiency of Legume Inoculation of Arizona Soils 1922
The rural school-house and equipment; with special reference to Cochise and Pinal counties, Arizona, and (adaptable to Chinese conditions) 1923
The Status of the Teacherage of the Rural Schools in Pima County Santa Cruz County and Maricopa County 1923
The populist movement 1923
A survey of educational conditions with a plan for consolidation and reorganization of the public school system of Graham county, Arizona. 1923
Status of the Rural Teacher of Pima County, Arizona 1923
The stovepipe or California method of well drilling as practiced in Arizona. 1924
The economic aspects of child labor in agriculture. 1924
Quantitative studies on the vegetation of the grazing ranges of northern 1924
Cooperative Cotton Marketing 1925
Status of the rural teacher of Navajo County 1925
A Study of the Pollen of Phoenix Dactylifera with Reference to its Longevity and Effect on the Fruit 1927
Physical and chemical properties of Arizona early baart wheat correlated with its baking strength 1927
The Geology and ore deposits of the Johnson mining district, Arizona 1927
A quantitative measurement of the vitamine A and B content of certain Arizona dates 1928
Archaeological survey of Arizona 1928
A measure of the Vitamin A content of Arizona sorghum grains and yellow corn, and of the value of alfalfa as a vitamin A supplement 1929