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Title Date created
Settlement and growth of the Gila Valley as a Mormon colony 1937
Farm Mechanics Course in the Tucson Senior High School for Ranch Boys 1937
A health survey of the one- two- and three- room schools of Maricopa County in relation to health diagnosis and remedial procedure. 1937
History of Bisbee, 1877 to 1937 1938
Three Centuries of formal and informal educational influence and development among the Pima Indians 1938
A history of the use and management of the forested lands in Arizona, 1862-1936 1938
The history of the lower San Pedro Valley in Arizona 1938
The Composition and Structure of the Mucilage from Wild Indian Wheat, Plantago Fastigiata, T. 1939
Photoperiodism of some Arizona range grasses 1939
Home-room practices in Arizona high schools 1939
An analysis of income and expenditures of fourteen newly established Arizona families 1939
History of education of Cochise County 1940
Decline of the cotton exports of the United States 1940
An analysis of the vocational and avocational pursuits of Mexican men. 1940
Determination and analysis of irrigation costs in southern Arizona 1940
A Survey of the Safford High School 1940
Analysis of incomes and expenditure of families consisting of husband and wife 60 years of age and over 1940
The mechanism of water-binding in soils. 1941
The Microbiological Oxidation of Various Nitrogen Fertilizers in Desert Soils, with Special Reference to the Behavior of Anhydrous Ammonia 1941
The isolation and analysis of hemicelluloses and pectic materials from leaves of corn, Zea mays. 1941
Physiological and anatomical features of variable drought resistant varieties of spring wheat. 1941
Excavations at Valshni village, Papago Indian reservation, Arizona 1941
Observations on the survival of native and exotic plant species in range trial plantings in southern Arizona 1942
The relationship of range condition to ranch income in southern Arizona 1942
A history of Yuma, Arizona, 1540-1920 1942