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Title Date created
Farming in Pima County 1900s
Alfalfa in the Salt River Valley of Arizona 1917
Arizona Pimacotton Growers, A Cooperative Marketing Association Agreement and Contract 1921
Chandler Heights Citrus Tract 1931
Outline of citrus work begun in November 1907 in Salt River Valley, Arizona 1907
Grapefruit presents an opportunity. 1900s
Fruits and Vegetables in the Salt River Valley of Arizona 1918
Research of Voluntary Bang's disease expenditures 1940
Dairying in the Salt River Valley. 1917
Arizona Cattle Growers Association sixth annual proceedings. 1911
An Act to Amend Title 42 Livestock. Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1901 1903
Descriptions of the Piedmont stock range in Maricopa, Yavapai and Yuma counties, Arizona Territory with observations upon the advantages of... 1886
The Mission Cook Book 1909
Beet sugar in the Great Salt River Valley of Arizona 1900s
Arizona sacrifices her prehistoric canals. 1930
Glendale Arizona Under the Roosevelt Dam 1912
Higley, Arizona, where we make rain when we need it. 1916
Maricopa County, Salt River Valley 1918
Salt River Valley, Arizona. Salt River Valley Publicity Series 1908
Arizona: Casa Grande Valley, on the main line of the Southern Pacific. 1918
Facts about Arizona, the land of sunshine, gold and silver, health and prosperity, the place for ideal homes in a temperance colony 1894
Southeastern Arizona, its varied climate and wonderful resources. 1889
Cerros de Trincheras of the Arizona Papagueria 1941
The relation of the Apache Indians to the development of Arizona. 1910
Land management in relation to the health of the Navajos. 1900s