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Title Date created
Irrigated lands 1892
Central Arizona Project Association.Articles of association, organization. 1900
The national irrigation act and articles of incorporation of the Salt River Valley water user's association. 1903
A statement of the plans and purposes of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association, and explanations of its Articles of... 1903
Rillito Water Users' Association.Articles of incorporation 1909
Certificate of incorporation and by laws. 1898
Castle Dome Canal Company 1891
The All-American Canal: preliminary report of the All-American Canal Board 1918
Report of the Arizona Colorado River Committee appointed by Gov. Geo. W.P. Hunt. 1927
Principles of the Arizona Colorado River development association. 1927
Arizona Highline Reclamation Association 1923
Hoover Dam. Bulletin S-4. 1933
The Boulder Canyon Dam: the essence of the Swing-Johnson Bill 1878
Boulder Dam Book of Comparisons 1937
Colorado river and the Boulder canyon project 1931
Analysis of Boulder Canyon Project Act 1930
Transcript of Proceedings of the meeting of Colorado River Basin States 1938
Colorado River Commission 1922
Proceedings of Committee of Fourteen, Colorado River Basin States 1939
More data on the Colorado river question 1943
The Boulder Dam, All-American Canal Project 1924
Reasons for Arizona's opposition to the Swing-Johnson bill and Santa Fe compact 1927
The Boulder Dam decision; speech of Clifton Mathews at Globe, Arizona, August 5, 1931 1931
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. A summary of the Metropolitan Water District aqueduct situation. 1931
A symposium on the Boulder Canyon Dam 1928