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Title Date created
Prehistoric irrigation systems in Arizona 1929
The Influence of Organized Labor on the Making of the Arizona Constitution 1930
State regulation of railroad and electric rates in Arizona to 1925; a study of the origin and activities of the Arizona corporation... 1931
Financial survey of the public schools of Coconino County and recommendations based upon the findings 1931
Martinez Hill ruins 1931
Some criteria for establishing and maintaining agricultural departments in the secondary schools of Arizona 1932
The administration of the state and school lands in Arizona 1933
The History of Tombstone to 1887 1933
A History of Mesa 1933
Marketing Arizona Beef Cattle 1933
Physiological and environmental factors affecting the length of cotton fibers 1933
The Negro of Tucson, Past and Present 1933
Determining the need for and conditions under which adult agricultural education should be offered in the Salt River Valley 1934
Soil erosion in relation to vegetation on certain soil-type areas in Arizona and New Mexico 1934
Railroad transportation through Prescott. 1934
A financial survey of Gila county 1935
The Railroad as a Factor in Arizona History 1936
Boulder Dam and the public utilites 1936
The species of Astragalus occurring in Arizona. 1936
A Financial Survey of Maricopa County 1936
Vocational guidance for Arizona high schools, with particular emphasis upon its economic phases 1936
A survey of the Papago people 1936
Some economic aspects of county consolidation in Arizona; with particular reference to Pima and Santa Cruz Counties 1937
A study of the seasonal starch content of citrus shoots. 1937
The Spanish missions of the Santa Cruz Valley 1937