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Boron in the irrigation waters and alkaline calcareous soils of Arizona with particular reference to its effects on plants. 1942
An educational financial survey of Cochise County, 1943
The history of Clifton 1945
Teachers' course of study, Graham County, Arizona 1903
The Jokake School: A Desert School for girls: Day and resident 1936
School finance and related problems in Arizona. 1933
How we do it at: Mesa Union high school 1938
Course of study and rules and regulations for the public schools of the the city of Phoenix, Arizona 1899
Rules and regulations, grading and course of study for the public schools of the the city of Phoenix 1889
Safford Arizona Agricultural High School 1900s
Plant geography and culture history in the American Southwest 1945
The ethnobiology of the Chircahua and Mescarlero Apache 1936
General Crook's first administration in Arizona 1871-1875 1932
The ethnobiology of the Papago Indians 1935
Pima and Papago Indian Agriculture 1942
Among the Pueblo Indians 1895
Prehistoric irrigation in the Salt River Valley 1936
Among the Pimas 1893
The All-Arizona state plan for water and soil conservation 1935
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1886
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1889
New Trails in Mexico 1912
The Penns & Peningtons of the seventeenth century, in their domestic and religious life: illustrated by original family letters: also... 1867
Santa Fe dude ranch country: being principally in New Mexico and Arizona, with some natural extension into southern Colorado and California 1942
Winning the Southwest; a story of conquest, 1912