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Da Afghanistan Kalanay Collection

Da Afghānistān kālanay = Sālnāmah-i Afghānistān

Da Afghanistan Kalanay also known as the Salnamah-i Afghanistan is an almanac and yearbook published by the Government of Afghanistan from 1932-1990 (1311-1369). Each volume covers political and economic history and activities of the country. Volumes 1, 1311 (1932) – v.8, 1318 (1939) and v.50, 1363-1364 (1984-85) were published under various names. For example, in volumes from 1932-35 it was called Salnamah-i Kabul; in 1934-35 it was called Annaire de Revue de Kaboul; in 1935-38 it was known as the Almanach de Kaboul (1935-38). Starting with 1333-1334 (1954-55), the title of this periodical changed to Da Afghanistan Kalanay.

Text are mostly in Dari/Persian and Pashto languages. Some issues have added title and some notes in English or French. This is a government publication and most of its volumes were published by Afghanistan Vizarat-I Ittlaat va Kultur. Some volumes were published by Pushto Tolana and Danishratu loy Mudiriyat. This government publication covers major government activities including economic and agricultural plans.


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