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Article Title Author (last name)sort icon Year
Desert plants: the die-hards Hodge 1976
Development and sites of the Papago villages of Arizona and Sonora Hoover 1935
Delivering the news: a look at local television journalism Hulse 1971
Delivering the news: a look at local television journalism Hulse 1971
Desert Imp: the ground squirrel Jaeger 1959
Desert ironwood Jaeger 1951
Desert plants that give milk Jaeger 1957
Desert thrashers Jaeger 1961
de Anza day at Tubac Johnson 1970
Dear Jamie: Camp Huachuca's not the same Johnson 1965
Death in Tusayan Johnston 1933
Developing a community mental health clinic on the Papago Indian Reservation Kahn 1970
Devilsclaw Keasey 1973
Desert backyard wildlife Keatley 1950
Dee Flagg, artist in wood Kelly 1964
Desert plant has beauty-beast complex Kennedy 1955
Dead outlaws' loot Kildare 1967
Dead outlaws' loot Kildare 1967
Desert garden King 1950
Desert jungle revisited Kirk 1962
Desert treasure Klinck 1953
Desert Treasure Klinck 1953
Desert survival Kraus 1967
Dental crowns for cows Lang 1963
Dental crowns from cows Lang 1963
Define the universal; give alternatives Lanham 1969
Define the universe; give alternatives Lanham 1969
Desert color Laudermilk 1943
Desert midget and jungle giant Laudermilk 1945
Del Webb, multimillionaire master builder with a touch of Barnum Lawrence 1969
Death of a giant Leatham 1963
Deputies on top of the mountain Leighty 1976
Desert Sailors Lewis 1969
Der riesenkaktus in wirtschaft und mythologie der Sonorischen w Lindig 1963
Der riesenkaktus in wirtschaft und mythologie der Sonorishen wustenstamme Lindig 1963
De Anza never said it was easy Lynch 1972
Dean Charels E. Ares: an introduction Lyons 1967
Desert gnomes MacClintock 1963
Desert has its ghost tales too, try these MacHunter 1956
Desert vacationers Mahoney 1959
Deep sea diver on the desert Mastin 1952
Deer foods and brush control in southern Arizona McCulloch 1972
Deming woman "took" Holliday for 70,000 McGaw 1962
Desert botanist of Tucson Mckenney 1951
Desert botanist of Tucson McKenney 1951
Desert adventure for community service Megargee 1960
Desert canaries Megargee 1956
Desert canaries Megargee 1956
Decorative symbols of the American Indians Minor 1973
Desert daybreak Moore 1962
Desert picnic playground Moore 1962
Desert Sailors Moore 1970
Design for gracious living Moyer 1955
Desert dwellers Muench 1947
Desert viewpoint Muench 1956