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Article Title Author (last name) Yearsort icon
Flowers that bloom in the spring Willson 1958
Flying the Colorado Koonce 1958
Flagstaff 1959
Flagstaff redevelopment program Leadbetter 1959
Flying fishermen of the Seabee Smith 1959
Flagstaff 1960
Flagstaff 1960
Floral show for Arizona 1960
Flagstaff 1961
Flagstaff's library wins recognition Allen 1963
Florencio Hurtado, 1886- Schaus 1963
Flying farmers Clark 1963
Flags over Arizona: the Spanish imperial flag Snell 1964
Flagstaff district: the wildest city gate in the system 1964
Flagstaff's frontier fort: 1881-1920 Kelly 1964
Flagstaff Pow Wow Johnson 1965
Flighty - at work or play 1965
Flying down to Parker Leadabrand 1965
Flora of the Cabeza Priests Game Range Simmons 1966
Floating down the river, 'a piece of cake.' Keefe 1967
Flowering of the organ pipe cactus Smith 1967
Flagstaff summer festival Hoyt 1968
Flavored with coal oil Willson 1968
Flight insurance Sovola 1968
Flags over Arizona Caldwell 1970
Flags over Arizona Caldwell 1970
Floating the Salt with a little more class Rukkila 1970
Flushing Meadows offers hope in the ecological war Sanders 1970
Flagstaff summer festival: now what it needs Lynch 1971
Fledglings want to take your plane to the cleaners Engebretson 1972
Flu epidemic of 1918 1972
Flagstaff has the stuff of which perfect weekends are make of Winsted 1973
Flood control and Arizona 1973
Flood control: a major dilemma Hait 1973
Flood control Hait 1974
Floyd Eldin Newcomer, 1890-1966 Schaus 1974
Floyd Tomlin, part-time sculptor Cunningham 1974
Flying the tunnel: "underground" in the Grand Canyon Nelson 1974
Flying the tunnels "underground" in the Grand Canyon Nelson 1974
Flag mob avenges John Berry's murder 1975
Flag's history rich, varied, grim, humorous 1975
Flagstaff Summer Festival Romero 1975
Flagstaff Summer Festival Romero 1975
Flora of the Rampart Cave area, lower Grand Canyon, Arizona Phillips 1975
Flora of the Rampart Cave area, lower Grand Canyon, Arizona Phillips 1975
Flagstaff: one century old Romero 1976
Flagstaff's Little America grows 1976
Flare-rimmed bowls: a sub-type of Mimbres classic black-on-white Khalil 1976
Flexible working hours; an overview Werther 1976
Floyd Monroe Pyle, 1891-1961 Schaus 1976
Fluctuation of wild bee and wasp visits to cotton flowers Moffett 1976
Fluted points from the Sulphur Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona Myers 1976
Flying saucers or flying fiction? Bolding 1976
Flagstaff goes to the dogs Daggett 1990