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Author (last name)sort icon Article Title Year
Beach The Arizona economy: current status and future prospects 1969
Beal Basket maker and thirst quencher for the Indian 1943
Beal Bladder bush 1942
Beal Bluebells on the desert 1940
Beal Camote, the black sheep 1945
Beal Cream flowered cactus with rose-red wreath 1944
Beal Crimson splashes on the desert 1950
Beal Dazzling tulips of the desert ranges 1949
Beal Desert ash trees 1948
Beal Desert Christmas Tree 1945
Beal Desert cousins of candytuft and cauliflower 1953
Beal Desert singpost to water 1946
Beal Desert tobacco grows on trees and bushes 1944
Beal Desert trumpet 1941
Beal Desert's clown faced flower 1943
Beal Desert's scarlet buglers 1944
Beal Desert's shower of gold 1945
Beal Devil's protegee 1941
Beal Dolphin-flower on cavalier's apur 1949
Beal Emigrant flowers that never fade 1949
Beal Everybody's little friend 1940
Beal Fairy mist on desert slopes 1942
Beal Fall's golden carpet 1945
Beal Feathery dusters for desert fairies 1942
Beal Floral butterflies and sunbonnets of the desert 1947
Beal Food and fishlines for the tribesmen 1939
Beal Fremont's pepper-grass 1947
Beal Giant and midget poppies 1945
Beal Golden blossoms on the desert 1941
Beal Golden cassia 1943
Beal Handy-man for the homesteader 1940
Beal Hill climbers of the desert 1940
Beal Incense bush 1943
Beal Junipers on the desert 1949
Beal Lip-ferns on the desert 1947
Beal Lupine leads the floral pageant 1948
Beal Marigolds in desert sands 1942
Beal Meet the trailing milkweed 1943
Beal Oak trees on desert mountains 1948
Beal Old man groundsel 1946
Beal Parade of the pentstemons. 1944
Beal Pincushions for desert fairies 1941
Beal Plant of starry flowers and sand paper leaves 1946
Beal Quailbrush and holly belong to this salty family of the desert 1944
Beal Rubbery milkweed clan 1944
Beal Shrub that wears royal purple robee 1946
Beal The changeable gilias 1944
Beal The perfume the night 1950
Beal These roses grow in high places 1942
Beal They grow on desert uplands 1950
Beal They perfume the night 1950
Beal Tree that jumps 1946
Beal Tree with willow leaves and catalpa flowers 1948
Beal Wild daisies of the desert 1943
Beal Wild hollyhocks of the desert 1940