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Author Last Name Article Title Year
Beal Desert ash trees 1948
Beal Desert Christmas Tree 1945
Beal Desert cousins of candytuft and cauliflower 1953
Beal Desert singpost to water 1946
Beal Desert tobacco grows on trees and bushes 1944
Beal Desert trumpet 1941
Beal Desert's clown faced flower 1943
Beal Desert's scarlet buglers 1944
Beal Desert's shower of gold 1945
Beattie Development of travel between southern Arizona and Los Angels as it related to the San Bernardino valley 1925
Beal Devil's protegee 1941
Berheimer Discovering a new trail to the Rainbow Bridge 1926
Berlowe Do you recall Gov. Frazier? They did! 1973
Beal Dolphin-flower on cavalier's apur 1949
Benedek Down in the Valley 1989
Benedek Down in the Valley 1989
Bentz El Chivero of Arizona 1967
Bentz El Chivero of Arizona 1972
Bentz El Chivero of Arizona 1972
Beal Emigrant flowers that never fade 1949
Bell Enigma in the desert 1961
Bergin Even students need legal advice 1975
Beal Everybody's little friend 1940
Bennett Exploring Meteor Crater 1967
Beal Fairy mist on desert slopes 1942
Beal Fall's golden carpet 1945
Beal Feathery dusters for desert fairies 1942
Bell Fifty years an Indian trader; the dean of all the Indian traders of the Southwest relates his experiences during half a century of contactwith Utes, Navajos and Hopis 1930
Beal Floral butterflies and sunbonnets of the desert 1947
Beal Food and fishlines for the tribesmen 1939
Beal Fremont's pepper-grass 1947
Bentz Frontier angel 1966
Bentz Frontier angel 1972
Beaty Frontier doctor 1969
Beaty Frontier doctor 1969
Bentz Frying Pan Charlie 1975
Beal Giant and midget poppies 1945
Beal Golden blossoms on the desert 1941
Beal Golden cassia 1943
Bergin Golightly after the last survivors 1977
Benedek Goodbye to all that 1990
Berkowitz Grand Canyon dns its winter finery 1963
Beal Handy-man for the homesteader 1940
Berlowe He "bought in" on Tucson 1956
Beckler He could crack a bull-whip 1950
Bergin Headaches --- from tension to hangover 1975
Bergin High risk pregnancies and genetic counseling 1974
Beal Hill climbers of the desert 1940
Becker Historical facts about the highways leading to and from Springerville 1968
Beatty History of Navajo education 1961
Bell Home in the cactus forest 1949
Bell Home in the cactus forest 1949
Benson How it was in the old forest service 1970
Bergin How will women manage? 1973
Benham In Albuquerque: An Indian Education Resources Center 1972