The University of Arizona
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Author (last name) Article Title Yearsort icon
Brown Tucson's new recreational area 1932
Broome Who's scared? 1932
Broome Who's scared? 1932
Brady A mounted skeleton of a ground sloth 1933
Bryan Archaeology of the Dragoons 1933
Brown Seven counties aid Southern Arizona Fair 1933
Bryan Some observations on the prehistoric pottery of the Dragoons 1933
Brady Elden Mountain 1934
Brown Pima County agriculture staging come-back 1934
Brown A new game management policy for Arizona 1935
Brady Notes on the geology of northern Arizona, no. 2, the Moencopi sandstone 1935
Breslau The founding of Nogales and the Cavern Caf 1935
Brady The arroyo of the Rio de Flag; a study of an erosion cycle 1936
Brooks Dias de San Juan y San Pedro 1937
Brooks Dias de San Juan y San Pedro 1937
Brooks Dias de San Juan y San Pedro 1937
Brewer The "long walk" to Bosque Redondo; as told by Peshlakai Etsedi 1937
Brown Valley of the moon 1937
Brown Valley of the moon 1937
Brand Aboriginal trade routes for sea shells in the Southwest 1938
Brayer The Cananea incident 1938
Brown Tucson Mountain Park 1938
Brewer Globe starting as silver camp, is mecca for tourists 1939
Brady Tracks in the Cocomomp sandstone compared with those of small living arthropods 1939
Bromley Parking meters in Phoenix 1940
Brerton Phoenix paving under WPA 1940
Brown Traders at the Gap 1940
Brew Preliminary report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi expedition of 1939 1941
Bradt Bird with the barbed tongue 1942
Brown Fairy crystals from an old mine dump 1942
Bradt Hawk of the waterlands 1942
Bradt Burrowing for Billy owls 1943
Bradt Gnomes of the desert night 1943
Bradt Golden eagle's eyrie 1943
Bradt Winged hunter of the desert 1943
Brandt Desert butcher 1944
Bradt Desert's cuckoo bird 1944
Bradt Horned owls 1944
Bradt Birds of the desert spring 1945
Bryant The Status of big game in Grand Canyon National Park 1945
Brady Coal Mine Canyon 1946
Brewer Skilled hands at the loom 1949
Bradt Furred denizens of the desert 1950
Bradt Maurauder with a ringtail 1950
Bradt Steamlined for speed 1950
Bradt They prefer to glide away 1950
Brophy Horse Heaven 1951
Brodrick Rainbow in agate from an ancient forest 1951
Brandt Arizona and its bird life 1952
Brandt Arizona and its bird life 1952
Britzman J. R. Williams 1952
Brady A large gas bubble on the Merriam Crater lava flow 1953
Bridge Arizona...sees factories overtake...mines as a major source of income 1953
Britzman Charles M. Russell, friend of the Indian 1953
Brown Early day cattle feeding in the Salt River Valley 1953