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Author Last Name Article Titlesort descending Year
Jaeger Long-eared denizens of the desert 1957
James Monitoring archaeofaunal changes during the transition to agriculture in the American Southwest 1990
Jaeger Names of the desert things and places 1959
Janssen Navajo C. C.'s unfulfilled promise 1975
Jacobson Navajo Enemy Way exchanges 1964
Jaeger Ocotillo 1961
Jacobsen Old man of the Cerbats 1973
Jackson Out our way is J. R. Williams 1937
James Palomas Apaches and their baskets 1903
Jacobsen Perfection is their primary product 1972
Jaeger Pinyon trees of the Southwest 1960
James Poetry and symbolism in Indian basketry 1913
James Poetry and symbolism in Indian basketry 1913
Jackson Pride is the key 1967
Jameson Rainfall patterns on vegetation zones in northern Arizona 1969
James Sipapu 1939
Jaeger Smoke Tree 1962
James Story of the great water serpent 1939
James Story of the humingbird 1940
Jackson Stratigraphic relationships of the Supai formation of central Arizona 1951
Jares Tepee tales 1974
Jaeger The desert bean tree 1959
James The evil one that came up from the underworld 1939
Jackson The Four Corners country 1960
Jaeger The golden bush called Rabbitbrush 1961
James The helping hand versus the clenched fist; what Governor Hunt has accompished in the Arizona State Prison 1912
Jacka The land of the free 1977
James The man who laughed too much 1955
James The monster Cheta 1940
James The Oraibi boy and the hawk 1939
James The pookong and the bear 1939
Jackson The Saddle and Surrey Ranch: preserving the way it was out West 1974
James The Sierra Ancha 1917
James The silly coyote 1939
James The spider woman and the hunter of the eagles 1939
James The storming of Awatobi 1901
Jackson The story about Oscar Cinereous 1939
Jaeger The strange and wonderful agave 1960
Jaeger The western red-tailed hawk 1960
Jamison The wily coyote 1976
Jake The Winslow incident 1972
Jake The Winslow incident 1972
Jaynes Tucson of today; being a sketch of the historic past and the present progress of the thriving Arizona city 1903
Jaastad Tucson's treasure 1958
James Turtles for Tewaquaptewa 1951
James Turtles for Tewaquaptewa 1951
Jaeger Vermilion flycatcher 1962
Jaeger Vultures, the desert's feathered scavengers 1960
Jackson Winter on the Arizona Strip 1949
James World's most expensive guidebook: Bartlett's love for old and New Mexico cost the U.S. $10.5 million 1970
Jamieson WPA paving in Arizona cities 1940