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Author (last name) Article Title Yearsort icon
Matula Ehrenberg cemetery 1960
Mahoney Experiment in education 1960
Mahoney God gives the students strength 1960
Mahoney Good driving manners means traffic safety 1960
Matula Pima County's Diaz Peak 1960
Mahoney Rehabilitation is prison camp's theme 1960
Marston River runners: fast water navigation 1960
Marton The California Column and the Washington press 1960
Matula The mining town of Ruby 1960
Manoil The Phoenix Little Theater 1960
Mason What really happened at the O. K. Corral? 1960
Martin A human effigy of stone from a great kiva figurine found near Springerville, Arizona 1961
Mahoney Aerial fire-fighting 1961
Martin Geochronology of pluvial lake Cochise, Southern Arizona: I. Pollen analysis of shore deposits 1961
Mansfeld Literature in the Territory of Arizona in 1870 1961
Manson Seri Indian figurines 1961
Mahoney Traffic safety joins the three R's 1961
Mahoney Water - water - but where is it going? 1961
Marting Adamana, a link in Arizona history 1962
Mahoney Gold seekers, 20th century version 1962
Marquardt Independence keynotes Arizona politics 1962
Marshall Land use and native birds of Arizona 1962
Mahoney Money is important business 1962
Martin School district boundaries in Arizona 1962
Mann The legislative committee system in Arizona 1962
Mahoney The story of Arizona is a story of people 1962
Mahoney Trade unions and a 50-year record 1962
Marty We "shot" a mountain lion 1962
Mahoney A man of steel in a women's slimnastics class 1963
Martin An Apache's epitaph: the last legal hanging in Arizona - 1936 1963
Maule Corn growing at Wupatki 1963
Maule Corn growing at Wupatki 1963
MacClintock Desert gnomes 1963
Mahoney Didn't' miss the water until we got it 1963
Marshall Land use and native birds of Arizona 1963
Mahoney Our man in Ghana 1963
Mahoney The pawn in almost gone from the pawnshops 1963
Mahoney A moment of youthful indiscretion 1964
Mahoney Fire poles nowadays are hard to find 1964
Mahoney Indians cut diamonds at Chandler plant 1964
Mahoney Keeping alive a vanishing art 1964
Mahoney Not for cats - for rain 1964
Mahoney Promise of life in desert blooms 1964
Mathis Rosebuds and whiskey and Whistling Springs 1964
Mahoney The deadline is final 1964
Mahoney The deadline is final 1964
Mahoney The night has a million eyes 1964
Mahoney A fanciful flow of language. 1965
Mahoney A little bit of Old Russian in old Arizona 1965
Marinovich A real fly-by-night operation 1965
Mackin Answers, she gets answers 1965
Marting At north and south poles 1965
Marand Fossil's fine, but Beeline's better 1965
Mazei Globe's famous bell 1965
Mazei Globe's famous bell 1965