The University of Arizona
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Author (last name)sort icon Article Title Year
Podesta The paper Sun Devil 1970
Podolsky G. C. Williamson, M. D. 1914-1966 1966
Polich ASU's new law school 1967
Pollzer The Franciscan entrada into Sonora, 1645-1652; a Jesuit chronicle 1972
Polser Cattle king in a cassock 1963
Polson Doctor Hillary D. Ketcherside, Arizona license no. 757, issued October 29, 1919 1975
Polzer Jesuit gold 1962
Pomeroy Hohokam etched shell 1959
Pomeroy Hohokam teched shell 1959
Pomeroy Mesa, past and present 1908
Pomeroy A Study of black-on-white painted pottery in the Tonto Basin, Arizona 1974
Poncel The intruder: a tragedy stirred a white man's understanding of Navajos 1967
Poole Lost Dutchman sleuth 1953
Poole Mr. Arizona at home 1955
Poole The gunman did a favor for the victim 1956
Pooler The power behind Tucson 1929
Pope The postmaster of Ehrenberg 1973
Pope Vegetative propagation of key Southwestern woody riparian species 1990
Popenoe The green White Mountains 1964
Popovi Indian values 1969
Porter He rode with Buffalo Bill 1954
Porter Horesman with a purpose 1948
Porter La Fiesta de los Vaqueros; interesting facts about Tucson's great annual rodeo... 1949
Porter Let's rodeo, cowboy! 1949
Porter Longhorn, a new interest in an old breed 1976
Porter Matt Baird and his Brahmans 1948
Porter Over the rim to the Verde 1972
Porter Phoenix fly control campaign attacked "enemy" on four fronts 1955
Porter Ropin' on the range 1953
Porter Roping country 1974
Porter Roping country 1974
Porter Roundup! 1973
Porter Thoroughbreds come to Arizona 1955
Porter Creations in plastic 1967
Porter Word wrangler of the old west 1948
Posner Golden heritage 1949
Post Experiences of a pioneer teacher 1912
Post Experiences of a pioneer teacher 1912
Post Maud Billingsley Post, 1900-1972 1972
Poston Herman Ehrenberg, in memoriam 1930
Poston Herman Ehrenberg, in memories 1930
Poston Poston vs. Goodwin: a document congressional election of 1865 1961
Poston Poston vs. Goodwin: a document on the congressional election of 1865 1961
Poston Poston vs. Goodwin: a document on the congressional election of 1865 1961
Potter Lion bounty 1956
Potter The Casa Grande valley 1929
Potter The Dean Kirk ketoh collection 1964
Potter Coyote - good or bad? 1966
Potter Casa Grande, future metropolis 1928
Powell Exploring Arizona's literary traile 1972
Powell Fountains in the sand 1960
Powell Heart of the Southwest; a selective list of good novels and stories mostly with settings in Arizona and New Mexico 1957
Powell In the days of old; stories of poineer times in Mohave county 1913
Powell James Addison Reavis; the man and the myth 1960
Powell Land of many returns 1974