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Author (last name) Article Title Yearsort icon
Schwartz Demographic changes in the early periods of Cohonina prehistory
Schwatks Among the Apaches 1887
Schenti A Yuma legend 1908
Schultz In wild turkey land 1909
Scott Opening of the siphon 1912
Scott Our agricultural empire 1912
Scott The first state fair, a sketch of its origin and growth 1912
Scott A sanitary diet 1912
Scott Independent irrigation; what one pumping plant is doing on a patch of desert 1913
Scott Kelvin Sultana, a mine successfully exploited by popular sale of stock 1913
Scott Mines of Arizona 1913
Scott Mines of Arizona 1913
Scott New cross-cut canal 1913
Scott Pumping plant deluxe 1913
Scott The annual state fair, it will surpass all former Arizona expositions 1913
Scott The Grand Canyon; a Phoenix man has at last discovered what the big gorge is good for 1913
Scott The oil pull tractor 1913
Scott The spineless cactus; project design to demonstrate its practical utility 1913
Scott Captain Coffee 1913
Scott Agua Caliente hot springs; nature's cure for human ills. 1913
Scott Arizona climate 1913
Scott Five Points, a town within a city 1914
Scott Flagstaff and its environs 1914
Scott Gem of the Painted Desert; Winslow, the largest city in Northern Arizona 1914
Scott Governor George W. P. Hunt 1914
Scott In Apache county 1914
Scott Just desert land; Phoenix man makes cotton grow where authorities say it wouldn't 1914
Scott Kelvin Sultana cooper mine 1914
Scott New town of Gilbert 1914
Scott Nogales the picturesque 1914
Scott Ralph Cameron, candidate 1914
Scott Story of Apache Leap; a region of romance and reminiscence transformed by modern industry 1914
Scott The gold reed 1914
Scott The ostrich in Arizona: state has 6000 birds 1914
Scott The weather man's mission 1914
Scott Bowie and San Simon 1914
Scott An Arizona watermelon; bring a few remarks on Graham county 1914
Scott A candidate for governor 1914
Scott The Salt River Project 1915
Scott Arizona state lands; cheaper than homesteads and require no residence 1915
Scott Judge W.H. Stilwell, candidate for U.S. Senator 1916
Scott Maricopa discovered; an ideal country for the pumping plant 1916
Scott Tip Top tugsten; the rejuvenation of a historic silver mine 1916
Scott Tip Top tungsten; the rejuvenation of a historic silver mine 1916
Scott Doctor J. B. Nelson of Mesa, running "head on" for Congress 1916
Scott Arizona's pictured rocks 1916
Scott Miami the other of mines 1917
Scott Ray Consolidate Cooper CO. 1917
Scott Arizona farm land 1917
Scott Lemon culture: favorites of fortune extended a special invitation 1919
Schults The case of the Hopi; is th Indian Bureau forcing a new culture and religion on them against their will 1921
Scott Everything is ready for the greatest good roads convention 1922
Scott Arizona's desert scenes are a lure to master artists 1922
Scott When an Arizona farmer farms an Arizona farm; Bill Benson's big problem, its prospective solution 1922
Scott Opportunities in music 1928