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Journal Titlesort icon Article Title Author (last name) Year
Ariz Farmer-Stockman An interview with Arizona's first Director of Agriculture, Keith Kelley Rayner 1990
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Arizona's agriculture's trends for the future Shannon 1989
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Fish farming in irrigation ditches evaluated at MAC Wohld 1990
Ariz Farmer-Stockman From agriculture to aquaculture Woolverton 1989
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Jojoba: a crop with both problems and potential Kingdon 1989
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Long-range projections for Arizona commodities Tronstad 1989
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Management and technology put the step into Sundance Farms Shannon 1989
Ariz Farmer-Stockman Meet the new Extension director Shannon 1989