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Journal Titlesort icon Article Title Author (last name) Year
Ariz Arizona vacation directory; a partial and preliminary list of Arizona summer resorts 1924
Ariz Arizona's annual summer war Stiles 1972
Ariz Arizona's apple orchard Woodruff 1911
Ariz Arizona's climate best for citrus fruits 1919
Ariz Arizona's desert scenes are a lure to master artists Scott 1922
Ariz Arizona's education facilities Case 1924
Ariz Arizona's governor-elect outlines state's problems 1922
Ariz Arizona's interest in the Colorado River Maxwell 1922
Ariz Arizona's interest in the development of the Colorado Smith 1922
Ariz Arizona's jeweled crowns; report of the Arizona state dairy contest Garrison 1922
Ariz Arizona's largest sanatorium 1924
Ariz Arizona's mines and mineral resources Tolman 1911
Ariz Arizona's opportunity Atwood 1923
Ariz Arizona's opportunity Atwood 1923
Ariz Arizona's own Tom Campbell, native son 1916
Ariz Arizona's pictured rocks Scott 1916
Ariz Arizona's public school system Moore 1911
Ariz Arizona's public school system Moore 1911
Ariz Arizona's resources Woodward 1923
Ariz Arizona's summerland resorts 1925
Ariz Arizona's unknown treasure land Hall 1911
Ariz Automobile Club serves motoring public 1924
Ariz Aztec sun fete, the fete of 1913 and future fetes Welch 1913
Ariz Back country for Tucson Hall 1912
Ariz Barth of St. Johns 1918
Ariz Basque shepherds in Arizona Schmidt 1976
Ariz Beans, spuds and onions 1916
Ariz Better babies in the baby state Myers 1913
Ariz Bide-a-wee ranch; story of what one man has done on a five acre plot Young 1913
Ariz Big copper producers, Miami and Ray 1916
Ariz Billy Brazelton, highwayman Rose 1916
Ariz Billy Brazilton, highwayman Rose 1916
Ariz Biology at the University Brown 1913
Ariz Bisbee, a university town 1919
Ariz Bisbee's future greatness; value of ores in Warren district is beyond computation Gray 1914
Ariz Bowie and San Simon Scott 1914
Ariz Brains and water Van Der Veer 1913
Ariz Bright Angel Trail, a national pathway 1924
Ariz Building boom is statewide 1919
Ariz Bureau of mines
Ariz Business administration and highway construction Heard 1924
Ariz Businessmen and farmers, partners Masters 1923
Ariz By-products made from citrus culls; department finds uses for waste fruit 1919
Ariz Cantaloupe season is on 1919
Ariz Cantaloupe season is over 1919
Ariz Captain Coffee Scott 1913
Ariz Casa Grande valley; a soil capped reservoir of unfailing water 1916
Ariz Castle Hot Springs, a beautiful cove in the mountain fastness of Arizona 1910
Ariz Cement manufacturing industry in Arizona 1919
Ariz Chandler, a modern town where only a few years ago sage brush and cactus grew 1921
Ariz Chandler, Arizona a wonder town that has sprung up in a land of magic Meyer 1950
Ariz Charles B. Ward, candidate for Democratic nomination for governor 1922
Ariz Citrus condition in Arizona Russell 1913
Ariz Citrus culture in the Yuma Valley Hendricks 1912
Ariz Coconino County potatoes Nichols 1919