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Article title Date Journal Title
Chicken comes home to roost February 1953 Mag Tuc
Child with a problem October 1953 Mag Tuc
Children's haven in Old Pueblo September 1948 Mag Tuc
Christmas at home in southern Arizona December 1949 Mag Tuc
Chuck Abbott the cowboy photographer January 1949 Mag Tuc
Civic salesman April 1948 Mag Tuc
Classics and cowlicks; the Tucson Boy's choir March 1948 Mag Tuc
Climbing through the window June 1952 Mag Tuc
Crime buster September 1952 Mag Tuc
Dale Vs. Dillinger June 1948 Mag Tuc
Dale vs. Dillinger June 1948 Mag Tuc
Darrow Thompson and his squaw boots. January 1950 Mag Tuc
Davis-Monthan has its lighter moments September 1950 Mag Tuc
De Grazia, painter and potter October 1948 Mag Tuc
Deep in the heart of Arizona; the romantic history of Colossal Cave February 1950 Mag Tuc
Designer of homes for desert living June 1950 Mag Tuc
Designer of homes for desert living, Tucson's Jimmy Goebl... June 1950 Mag Tuc
Directory of Tucson's private schools September 1949 Mag Tuc
Dr. Robert L. Nugent, Vice President of the University of Arizona September 1949 Mag Tuc
Dudes and don'ts November 1952 Mag Tuc
Ed Echols, rodeo boss of La Fiesta de los Vaqueros March 1952 Mag Tuc
Ed Galloway of Galloway Motors February 1952 Mag Tuc
Ed Schols, sheriff of Pima County for five colorful years February 1950 Mag Tuc
El Dorado on the desert; Tucson's famed Rancho del Rio pleases all the "dudes." January 1949 Mag Tuc
El Teatro Royal May 1952 Mag Tuc
El Tejano June 1952 Mag Tuc
Elliott Arnold March 1951 Mag Tuc
Ernie Molina, the ranchers' loyal friend April 1951 Mag Tuc
First impressions of a newcomer September 1951 Mag Tuc
Form law to laundry October 1948 Mag Tuc
Fred A. Emery, Tucson's first Republican mayor in twenty-one years May 1951 Mag Tuc
From "rackets" to real estate April 1949 Mag Tuc
From cows to dudes October 1952 Mag Tuc
From food to fillies November 1948 Mag Tuc
From food to fillies, aprofile of Tucson's own Zjimmy Benjamin,restauranterur and breeder of thoroughbreds November 1948 Mag Tuc
Ft. Lowell ruins, the sotry of the fabled military fort of territorial days and Apache raids February 1952 Mag Tuc
Gardens on the window glass December 1948 Mag Tuc
Gold is where you find it May 1952 Mag Tuc
Golden heritage February 1949 Mag Tuc
Grand Canyon or bust in that merry chuggmobile June 1952 Mag Tuc
Growing dates and citrus on the desert February 1949 Mag Tuc
Growing dates and citrus on the desert February 1949 Mag Tuc
H. S. "Hi" Corbett grandaddy of baseball in Tucson. May 1952 Mag Tuc
H. S. "Hi" Corbett, granddaddy of baseball in Tucson May 1952 Mag Tuc
Ham every Sunday September 1952 Mag Tuc
Ham every Sunday October 1952 Mag Tuc
Ham every Sunday November 1952 Mag Tuc
Ham every Sunday December 1952 Mag Tuc
Ham every Sunday January 1953 Mag Tuc
Harold Steinfeld, a profile of Tucson's No. 1 citizen and a history of the famous store that bears his name October 1950 Mag Tuc
He knows his Indians May 1949 Mag Tuc
He knows his Indians; the story of clay locket who specializes in buying and selling the arts and crafts of American Indians. May 1949 Mag Tuc
He makes saddles for his supper, but he paints for his soul! May 1950 Mag Tuc
He makes strings sing again; John E. Bagos can tell you things about violins that might surprise you October 1952 Mag Tuc
He paints pictures that win prizes May 1951 Mag Tuc