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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name) Yearsort icon
Prog Ariz The interesting Salt River Valley Smith 1926
Prog Ariz The legend of Superstition Mountain Burns 1926
Prog Ariz The manna gang copes with the Moencopi situation Pierson 1926
Prog Ariz The new trail to the "window" in the mountains Mez 1926
Prog Ariz The nobleness of the redskin finally pays dividends Mason 1926
Prog Ariz The nobleness of the redskin finally pays dividends Mason 1926
Prog Ariz The pageant beautiful at Casa Grande Russell 1926
Prog Ariz The Papago's last stand Walters 1926
Prog Ariz The pecan growing industry Jordan 1926
Prog Ariz The Rainbow Bridge Davis 1926
Prog Ariz The San Carlos irrigation project Davis 1926
Prog Ariz The snake dance of the Hopi Indians Shelby 1926
Prog Ariz The sunshine capital of America Sinclair 1926
Prog Ariz The University of Arizona Arnold 1926
Prog Ariz The weeping virgin of Santa Rita Connell 1926
Prog Ariz The Wupatki National Monument Birdseye 1926
Prog Ariz The Yaqui Indian dances Bogan 1926
Prog Ariz To the highest peaks in Arizona Rieseberg 1926
Prog Ariz Trails in the brush Dubois 1926
Prog Ariz Tucson progress Condron 1926
Prog Ariz Tucson, past, present and fututre. White 1926
Prog Ariz Vacationing at Circle Z ranch Arnold 1926
Prog Ariz Wellton mesa and the Mohawk Valley Davis 1926
Prog Ariz What price beauty Mayhew 1926
Prog Ariz When mining is not a gamble Carpenter 1926
Prog Ariz Where healing waters flow Borum 1926
Prog Ariz Where Indians are trained for citizenship Girton 1926
Prog Ariz Where nature jests Macon 1926
Prog Ariz White man's discovery of the Rainbow Bridge Cummings 1926
Prog Ariz Why Arizona has good school Norton 1926
Prog Ariz The poultry industry in Arizona Borum 1927
Prog Ariz A photographer's paradise Borum 1927
Prog Ariz A tale from the calendar stick Breazeale 1927
Prog Ariz Air pioneering brings reward to Tucson Moore 1927
Prog Ariz An all-American fabric, the Navajo blanket Farley 1927
Prog Ariz Ancient Arizonans Fraps 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona and the Colorado River 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona be yourself Smith 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona pageant portrays ancient legend Wilke 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona tours McGarvin 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona's annual pageant at the Casa Grande Wilke 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona's newest project Olberg 1927
Prog Ariz Arizona's winter festival of fun Stewart 1927
Prog Ariz At the Pipe Spring National Monument Pinkley 1927
Prog Ariz Bisbee, "it's a different." Olements 1927
Prog Ariz Bisbee's first library Burgess 1927
Prog Ariz Citrus production in the Salt River Valley of Arizona 1927
Prog Ariz Douglas and Cochise County Tardy 1927
Prog Ariz Dude ranching Arnold 1927
Prog Ariz Exploring a once wild and wooly town Larson 1927
Prog Ariz Fig growing in the Casa Grande Valley Cavalla 1927
Prog Ariz Helmet Peak Davis 1927
Prog Ariz Interesting Arizonans: green tops make greenbacks Cox 1927
Prog Ariz Kooyama, Hopi Indian boy painter 1927
Prog Ariz Kooyama, Hopi Indian Boy Painter 1927