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Journal Titlesort icon Article Title Author (last name) Year
Prog Ariz New blood in an age old country Moss 1928
Prog Ariz New dam at Lake Pleasant 1927
Prog Ariz New enterprises of the Casa Grande Valley Wrenn 1929
Prog Ariz New highway opens in virgin country Wynkoop 1926
Prog Ariz New highway opens in virgin country Wynkoop 1926
Prog Ariz News of the rodeo Mullins 1960
Prog Ariz Northern Arizona ranch 1932
Prog Ariz Northern Arizona, a summer vacation land Whitman 1932
Prog Ariz Old Bill Williams Lockwood 1931
Prog Ariz On Hassayampa trails Henderson 1949
Prog Ariz On the Hassayampa Trail Sparkes 1926
Prog Ariz On top of the world Davis 1929
Prog Ariz One deer with horns during the season Winn 1926
Prog Ariz Open-air education in Arizona Mez 1926
Prog Ariz Oracle and its pageant Smith 1930
Prog Ariz Oracle and its pageant Smith 1930
Prog Ariz Out Wickenburg way Norris 1933
Prog Ariz Over the Apache trail; one of the most fascinating and unique trips one could take Holt 1925
Prog Ariz Pageant of the future MacRae 1927
Prog Ariz Passion week at Pascua Pettengill 1932
Prog Ariz Phoenix Junior College Montgomery 1926
Prog Ariz Photographs that talk Peterson 1929
Prog Ariz Photography and progress Bradley 1929
Prog Ariz Pinal County Borum 1927
Prog Ariz Pioneering mutual finance in Arizona Moss 1929
Prog Ariz Playing about the Arizona divide Birdseye 1925
Prog Ariz Pluto Weaver 1930
Prog Ariz Pluto; a brief story of the planet X as told the writer by Dr. E. C. Slipher, Astronomer, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona Weaver 1930
Prog Ariz Polo at the University of Arizona Upton 1927
Prog Ariz Polo in Arizona Kramer 1925
Prog Ariz Prehistoric southern Arizona Huffman 1925
Prog Ariz Prescott Frontier Days Sparkes 1927
Prog Ariz Prescott Frontier Days Sparkes 1931
Prog Ariz Prescott has it! Sparkes 1930
Prog Ariz Prescott, in the cow country Coburn 1929
Prog Ariz Prescott, in Yavapai County, is the summer vacation of Arizona Sparkes 1929
Prog Ariz Prescott, the jewel of the mountains Sparkes 1925
Prog Ariz Priceless names of Arizona Smith 1928
Prog Ariz Prison days on the Arizona frontier Gorby 1931
Prog Ariz Probable next Arizona development, lead-zinc Morgan 1926
Prog Ariz Progressive Arizonans: 1, E. G. Attaway Attaway 1925
Prog Ariz Promoting the health of Arizona children Mather 1927
Prog Ariz Prosperity in a nut shell Borum 1927
Prog Ariz Rancho Linda Vista Borum 1928
Prog Ariz Rancho Manzanito Davis 1928
Prog Ariz Rancho Palos Verdes, a miracle of the desert Patt 1930
Prog Ariz Re-blazing the trails of Father Kino Lockwood 1931
Prog Ariz Re-divorcing horse theif basin Smith 1929
Prog Ariz Right up next to heaven Sparkes 1928
Prog Ariz Rockledge Parks 1926
Prog Ariz Rural women of Arizona Ryan 1926
Prog Ariz Sahuaro or giant cactus Benscoe 1930
Prog Ariz Salt River Valley, Arizona, "the gold spot of America" Watkins 1928
Prog Ariz Santa Cruz on the border Bristol 1926
Prog Ariz Scaling Baboquivari peak Mes 1926