Qua' Toqti

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Article title Date Journal Title
Awotovi "diggers" return to ruins site May 8, 1975 Qua' Toqti
Black Mesa archeologists excavate Pueblo ruins July 31, 1975 Qua' Toqti
Elders make pilgrimage to shrines November 21, 1974 Qua' Toqti
Five generations coninue Nampeyo's skillful art April 18, 1974 Qua' Toqti
Giant basket on way to craftsmens show May 16, 1947 Qua' Toqti
Gila River Indians open Firebird Lake May 1, 1975 Qua' Toqti
Goal of new artist group is to educate September 13, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Hopi kachinas - not for sale January 30 1975 Qua' Toqti
Hopi professor says Indian culture is a living state of human affairs October 11, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Hopi show winners July 26, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Illustration of "Navajo" social dance which is performed by Hopi youths August 16, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Illustration of a Hopi debutante having her hair done in traditional "whorl" style June 26, 1975 Qua' Toqti
Miss Indian America - a person who cares November 22, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Numkena member of new breed of young Indian professionals November 8, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Octogenarian Hopi painter still works at profession July 18, 1974 Qua' Toqti
Old kiva recalls Hopi "Spanish era" April 4, 1974 Qua' Toqti
Old kiva recalls Hopi "Spanish era." April 4, 1974 Qua' Toqti
Photography in early days posed no problems August 1, 1974 Qua' Toqti
President Ford signs bill into law January 2, 1975 Qua' Toqti
Social dances part of Hopi tradition September 6, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Tribal constitution outlines by-laws August 9, 1973 Qua' Toqti
Tuba City hospital facility dedicated May 22, 1975 Qua' Toqti