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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name)sort icon Year
Tuc Brotherhood of locomotive firemen and enginemen Redmon 1934
Tuc The wishing shrine Reynolds 1937
Tuc The schools of Tucson Riesen 1934
Tuc Florence of today Riordan 1928
Tuc History of the Tucson Fire Department Roberts 1930
Tuc Summer in Tucson Rogers 1933
Tuc Conservation of flood waters vital need of Tucson Ronstadt 1930
Tuc Arizona Cattle Growers' Association 26th annual convention Ronstadt 1932
Tuc Tucson schools are good schools Rose 1931
Tuc The city school Rose 1928
Tuc Public schools enrollment increasing Rose 1932
Tuc No better school city than Tucson Rose 1929
Tuc Accomplishments of 1930 Rucker 1931
Tuc Tucson ideal for filming motion pictures Rudolph 1929
Tuc Desert blooms of the spring Ryan 1935
Tuc Arizona's Indian population Sapp 1930
Tuc Special features in beef cattle exhibit Scott 1937
Tuc Opportunities in music Scott 1928
Tuc Odd Fellows home Shapard 1935
Tuc Odd Fellows home Shepard 1935
Tuc The scouting program Shower 1929
Tuc Boy Scouts of the Catalina Council Shower 1929
Tuc Smoki ceremony perpetuates Indian dances Sparkes 1935
Tuc Prescott's summer season Sparkes 1934
Tuc The range cattle industry in Arizona Stanley 1929
Tuc Horses for work and pleasure Stanley 1937
Tuc Why an Elk's hospital Starkweather 1934
Tuc The shrine of the children Stewart 1938
Tuc Getting air minded and staying that way Sykes 1928
Tuc Youir tax dollar, where it goes Taylor 1929
Tuc The fantastic clan; the cactus family Thornber 1932
Tuc Glimpses of the desert about Tucson Thornber 1937
Tuc A hunter's paradise Tinker 1931
Tuc Tucson's Fine Arts Association. Tuc 1933
Tuc Year's homebuilding nears Tucson record Turner 1936
Tuc Polo at the University of Arizona Upton 1928
Tuc The chamber's 1931 record Van Der Vries 1932
Tuc Tucson real estate offers stable investment Vander Vries 1936
Tuc New Y.W.C.A. building for city Vanderpool 1930
Tuc Why Cochise went on the warpath Walters 1934
Tuc Rodeo reminiscences Walters 1935
Tuc Fight at Dragoon Springs stage station Walters 1934
Tuc Fight at Dragoon Springs stage station Walters 1934
Tuc Christmas is in Arizona Walters 1934
Tuc Bronco Pete orates upon superstition Walters 1935
Tuc Yesterday and today of the U. of A. Warren 1938
Tuc The Arizona Racing Association Weadock 1937
Tuc Early days of the rodeo in Tucson Weadock 1936
Tuc Our neighbors, the Indians Wetherill 1932
Tuc Coolidge, a city in the making Wilke 1928
Tuc You can ride a horse Wilson 1937
Tuc Seeing Tucson as I have seen it Wilson 1932
Tuc Colossal Cave county park Wilson 1937
Tuc Ajo, most beautiful camp in Arizona Wilson 1929
Tuc Ajo, "Jewel of Pima County" Wilson 1930