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Article title Date Journal Title
The streets of old Tucson May 1938 Tuc
The trail to Rainbow natural bridge August 1935 Tuc
The U.S Veterans hospital at Tucson Arizona August 1936 Tuc
The University of Arizona October 1928 Tuc
The wishing shrine July 1937 Tuc
The wishing shrine, an object of interest December 1933 Tuc
Them there pitchin' shows an' dude waddies January 1935 Tuc
They make it in Tucson December 1935 Tuc
Third annual Livestock Show and Sale February 1937 Tuc
This cattle business in Pima County March 1931 Tuc
Thoroughbreds feature saddle horse show February 1935 Tuc
Thoughts on Tucson's climate, especially in summer July 1934 Tuc
Tucson a natural polo center January 1935 Tuc
Tucson continues the march of progress March 1934 Tuc
Tucson continues to build June 1930 Tuc
Tucson facts and figures December 1936 Tuc
Tucson Fire Department November 1933 Tuc
Tucson folklore and lroe telling April-May 1937 Tuc
Tucson grows up January 1930 Tuc
Tucson ideal for filming motion pictures February 1929 Tuc
Tucson keeps on building January 1930 Tuc
Tucson Little Theatre March 1938 Tuc
Tucson Mountain Park February 1938 Tuc
Tucson real estate offers stable investment December 1936 Tuc
Tucson schools are good schools August 1931 Tuc
Tucson stallion show February 1938 Tuc
Tucson, a city of home December 1931 Tuc
Tucson, sunshine center of America July 1930 Tuc
Tucson, the desert metropolis July 1937 Tuc
Tucson, the historic center of Arizona August 1929 Tuc
Tucson's Fine Arts Association. January 1933 Tuc
Tucson's first schools August 1937 Tuc
Tucson's greater airport July 1930 Tuc
Tucson's growth, bound to continue February 1929 Tuc
Tucson's Little Theatre August 1934 Tuc
Tucson's new federal home December 1930 Tuc
Tucson's new recreational area June 1932 Tuc
Tucson's rising citrus industry February 1933 Tuc
Unusual advantages for the study of art in the University of Arizona August 1929 Tuc
Vacationing on a guest ranch October 1936 Tuc
Valley of the moon December 1937 Tuc
Valley of the moon December 1937 Tuc
Valuations show large increase September 1929 Tuc
Water for 116,462 people in Tucson May 1930 Tuc
What aviation means to tucson July 1929 Tuc
What Elkdom means to Tucson July 1930 Tuc
What Sabino Canyon means to Tucson April 1936 Tuc
Why an Elk's hospital July 1934 Tuc
Why Cochise went on the warpath November 1934 Tuc
Why the sick get well in Tucson July 1934 Tuc
Wild Bill Bones on "Christmas" February 1938 Tuc
Words from past spur scratchers now pen noted February 1934 Tuc
Yaqui Indian dances March 1936 Tuc
Yaqui Indian dances March 1936 Tuc
Yaqui Indian dances March 1938 Tuc