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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name) Yearsort icon
Tuc Over half million invested in WPA projects Allison 1936
Tuc Mexican music a la WPA 1936
Tuc Honoring Dr. LeRoy Shantz d'Autremont 1936
Tuc Guest ranch accommodations in So. Ariz. 1936
Tuc Fertile foothill oasis attracts home builders from many states Mason 1936
Tuc Elk's hospital in Tucson filling great need Gunst 1936
Tuc Early days of the rodeo in Tucson Weadock 1936
Tuc Dude cowmen; by one of them 1936
Tuc County hospital will serve community needs 1936
Tuc Arizona's greater university Phillips 1936
Tuc American Legion to have new home Jackson 1936
Tuc A million dollars in buildings added ... 1936
Tuc A dude buys a hat Coburn 1936
Tuc (article) 1936
Tuc You can ride a horse Wilson 1937
Tuc Valley of the moon Brown 1937
Tuc Valley of the moon Brown 1937
Tuc Tucson's first schools Hilzinger 1937
Tuc Tucson, the desert metropolis 1937
Tuc Tucson folklore and lroe telling 1937
Tuc Third annual Livestock Show and Sale 1937
Tuc The wishing shrine Reynolds 1937
Tuc The Mormon Battalion Dewey 1937
Tuc The L. D. S. Institute in Tucson 1937
Tuc The Arizona Racing Association Weadock 1937
Tuc Special features in beef cattle exhibit Scott 1937
Tuc New home of the American Legion Bideaux 1937
Tuc Molybdenum booms Copper Creek district 1937
Tuc Horses for work and pleasure Stanley 1937
Tuc Glimpses of the desert about Tucson Thornber 1937
Tuc Dias de San Juan y San Pedro Brooks 1937
Tuc Dias de San Juan y San Pedro Brooks 1937
Tuc Dias de San Juan y San Pedro Brooks 1937
Tuc Colossal Cave county park Wilson 1937
Tuc Arizona's new product, Tequila Graham 1937
Tuc Arizona College of Mines and Engineering 1937
Tuc Architecture of the University of Arizona 1937
Tuc Ajo, Arizona's model mining town 1937
Tuc Yesterday and today of the U. of A. Warren 1938
Tuc Yaqui Indian dances Bogan 1938
Tuc Wild Bill Bones on "Christmas" Coburn 1938
Tuc Tucson stallion show Haskell 1938
Tuc Tucson Mountain Park Brown 1938
Tuc Tucson Little Theatre 1938
Tuc The streets of old Tucson Drachman 1938
Tuc The shrine of the children Stewart 1938
Tuc The fourth annual livestock show and sale Pickrell 1938
Tuc Sixty-nine years of public schools Hull 1938
Tuc Recreation Patten 1938
Tuc Our natural wonder 1938
Tuc Linda Vista 1938
Tuc History of the development of Tucson's water supply Martin 1938
Tuc Facts and figures; a business survey of Tucson and Pima County 1938
Tuc Chamber of Commerce 1937 projects 1938
Tuc Are Tucson rents too high? Clapp 1938