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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name)sort icon Year
Tuc Mining revival planned for Tucson 1930
Tuc Mexican music a la WPA 1936
Tuc Made in Tucson 1934
Tuc Livestock show and sale to be annual event 1935
Tuc Livestock show and sale to be annual event 1935
Tuc Linda Vista 1938
Tuc Impressions of a visitor 1935
Tuc Hotels, the guest rooms of the city 1929
Tuc Hosts of the open spaces 1933
Tuc Historical picture of old Tucson to be presented in pageant form 1931
Tuc Health palaces in kingdom of sunshine 1931
Tuc Health quest a happy adventure in Tucson 1933
Tuc Hats off to Arizona hens 1934
Tuc Guest ranches of southern Arizona 1931
Tuc Guest ranches abound near Tucson 1932
Tuc Guest ranch accommodations in southern Arizona 1935
Tuc Guest ranch accommodations in So. Ariz. 1936
Tuc Golf courses are ample 1932
Tuc Forum director leaves her tradition behind 1976
Tuc For that leisure time. 1934
Tuc For that leisure time 1934
Tuc Food costs are lower here 1931
Tuc Facts and figures; a business survey of Tucson and Pima County 1938
Tuc El Conquistador conquers all 1928
Tuc Educational opportunities in Tucson and Pima County 1930
Tuc Early days of Arizona aviation 1929
Tuc Dude cowmen; by one of them 1936
Tuc County hospital will serve community needs 1936
Tuc Coolidge Dam, Uncle Sam's gift 1928
Tuc Colorful parade opens Fiesta 1931
Tuc Colorful parade opens fiesta 1931
Tuc City parks 1928
Tuc City building during 1931 1932
Tuc Chamber of Commerce 1937 projects 1938
Tuc Casa Grande Pageant 1929
Tuc Building activity in city continues 1929
Tuc Back of the rodeo 1932
Tuc Arizona College of Mines and Engineering 1937
Tuc Arizona college and Bureau of Mines 1930
Tuc Arizona College and Bureau of Mines 1930
Tuc Architecture of the University of Arizona 1937
Tuc Ajo, Arizona's model mining town 1937
Tuc A million dollars in buildings added ... 1936
Tuc A legend of Baboquivari 1837
Tuc (Tucson Boy Scouts article) 1933
Tuc (article) 1938
Tuc (article) 1936
Tuc $815,000 building program to start at U. 1935
Tuc $140,000 stadium will be dedicated October 12 1929
Tuc Them there pitchin' shows an' dude waddies Adler 1935
Tuc Over half million invested in WPA projects Allison 1936
Tuc One thousand rattlesnakes wanted Arnold 1933
Tuc One thousand rattlesnakes wanted Arnold 1933
Tuc Guest ranches in and about Tucson Arnold 1928
Tuc Bells of the desert Arnold 1934