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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name)sort icon Year
Western City Industry, recreation and home needs solved by Prescott golf course plan Olsen 1958
Western City Prescott tackles growth problems with annexation and sales tax Olsen 1956
Western City Phoenix applies modern technology to police records management Pasquan 1967
Western City New trash acquired by Mesa sanitation department Petie 1967
Western City Beautification of Main Street is a joint effort in Mesa Petrie 1968
Western City Two city sewage treatment system proves to be economical solution Pierce 1961
Western City Phoenix fly control campaign attacked "enemy" on four fronts Porter 1955
Western City Evolution of data processing in Tempe Predmore 1972
Western City Evolution of data processing in Tempe Predmore 1975
Western City Cooperative urban transportation planning by Arizona highway and city officials. Prince 1964
Western City Award finalist, Prescott, Arizona Rice 1957
Western City Coordinated industrial development program is Casa Grande's approach Rice 1960
Western City Tempe: the aches and pains of a growing college town Rice 1957
Western City Two Arizona cities approve new charters Rice 1957
Western City Two Arizona cities approve new charters Rice 1957
Western City Unique sign code adopted by Tucson Schaffer 1967
Western City Tucson garbage grinder test shows no serious effect on sewers Scharman 1957
Western City Fire protection by private contract is method used by Scottsdale council Smith 1961
Western City City hall reflects Scottsdale's success in involving citizens Stragier 1969
Western City Computer mapping used in Scottsdale Stragier 1972
Western City Scottsdale reannexes one half its populace on a weekend Stragier 1966
Western City Scottsdale revolutionizes residental refuse collection Stragier 1971
Western City Scottsdale revolutionizes residential refuse collection Stragier 1971
Western City Vision and cooperation result in Phoenix landfill park Stuart 1966
Western City Use of "critical path method" on Phoenix treatment plant projects controls costs Tucker 1963
Western City Surplus workers for security plan in Glendale Vanacour 1975
Western City Bond issues eased Phoenix water problems Vondrick 1971
Western City Phoenix begins 1961 water bond expansion program Vondrick 1962
Western City Phoenix, Arizona Williams 1959
Western City Long history of delay proceeded expansion of Yuma sewerage system Win 1956