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Journal Title Article Title Author (last name)sort icon Year
Des I keep a Gila monster in my home Woodson 1950
Des Jerusalem cricket, weird but harmless Woodson 1949
Des Mark of the centipede Woodson 1946
Des They're harmless little reptiles Woodson 1945
Old West Arizona's great horse gather Woods 1971
Ariz Hwys Cave Creek Woods 1950
True West Earl Thode, rodeo champion Woods 1971
Des Escape from Navajo land Woods 1944
True West Harqua Hala Woods 1972
Des I found the cave of a Pima god Woods 1945
Q Miss Edith Stowe; pioneer Arizona teacher Woods 1974
Des On location with the Navajos Woods 1952
Frontier Times Pinal roundup Woods 1976
Des She defied Victorio with an empty rifle Woods 1944
Des They learned about turquoise Woods 1941
Des We are desert gypsies Woods 1950
Des We camped in the devil's kitchen Woods 1941
Des We explored the Valley of Thundering Water Woods 1952
Des Writer of the Chiricahuas Woods 1952
Ariz Arizona's apple orchard Woodruff 1911
Ariz Development in the Verde Valley Woodruff 1912
Ariz Gathering of the cattle clans; description of a roundup on the range Woodruff 1914
Ariz Days & Ways Martinez - destroyed by a rich mine Woodruff 1965
Ariz Oak Creek, the angler's paradise Woodruff 1911
Ariz The Verde Valley invites; the Santa Fe adds another empire to its string Woodruff 1913
Tucson Weekly Troubled waters Woodruff 1990
Ariz The Verde Valley invites; the Santa Fe adds another empire to its string Woodruf 1913
Des Sil Tuc Mag The River, the River Woodling 1975
Arizoniana Thomas Fitch: the restless orator Woodin 1963
Ariz Farmer-Ranchman Preserve the Welton-Mohawk! Woodhouse 1977
Ariz Farmer-Ranchman Preserve the Welton-Mohawks! Woodhouse 1977
J Amer Indian Educ The right to read Wooden 1976
Anthropological Papers Effects of Environmental and cultural limitations upon Hohokam agriculture, southern Arizona Woodbury
Arid lands colloquia Prehistoric agriculture in east-central Arizona Woodbury 1961
Utah Hist Q The Colorado River - the physical and biological setting Woodbury 1960
Sw Lore Zuni prehistory and El Morro National Monument Woodbury 1956
Masterkey Concerning witches Woodard 1950
Plateau John G. Bourke on the Arizona Apache, 1874 Woodard 1943
Arizona's Economy The case for urban re-leaf: tree planting pays Woodard 1989
Ariz Days & Ways [Adee Dodge] Wood 1960
Ariz Architect Color scriptures from nature's western bible Wood 1959
True West Cowboy rides a camel Wood 1953
Westward (Prescott Courier) Independence Day in old Bisbee Wood 1976
Point West Is our tourist industry really adequate? Wood 1962
Ariz Bsns Metropolitan Phoenix: decelerating inflation Wood 1976
Native Peoples Numkena Wood 1987
True West Ostrich stampede Wood 1959
Old West Ostrich stampede Wood 1965
Ariz Days & Ways Phoenix Art Museum marks a year of growth Wood 1960
Phoenix That which might have been Wood 1970
Phoenix That which might have been Wood 1970
Plateau The Mauv limestone and the supra-Mauv sequence at Yampai Cliffs Wood 1956
Plateau The Mauv Limestone and the supra-Mauv sequence at Yampai Cliffs, Arizona Wood 1956
Prog Ariz Touring Arizona's fascinating "upstairs." Wood 1927
Ariz Bus Econ R Arizona today - what we have and what we need Womer 1956