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Title Date
A century to celebrate August 1977
A look at our banks: the battle of the credit cards February 1969
A salute to the Valley National Bank for its 50 years a-growing November 1949
An ambitious attempt - Banco de las Americas December 1973
An evaluation of banking in Arizona. From an address delivered by Lionel N. Jacobs Winter 1962
Arizona commercial banking since World War II January 1966
Arizona commercial banking: a historical sketch October 1966
Arizona prospects for bank, s & 1 deposits August-September 1976
Arizona trailblazers January 29, 1961
Bank deposit levels and economic expansion in Arizona March 1972
Banks have changed September 23, 1956
Banks: a concentration of power May 1977
Checking accounts May 16, 1971
Computer usage by savings and loans in Arizona and California June-July 1968
Doing business in the Territory May 1972
Down in the Valley October 1989
Finance '89: ranking of S&Ls, credit unions, and banks October 1989
Financing America's most flourishing frontier November 1956
Giant Valley Bank gets even bigger by swallowing fastest growing rival March 9, 1953
Greed acres January 3-9, 1990
Money is important business February 11, 1962
New bank at five points November 1914
Salt River Valley banks and bankers February 1910
The beginning of banking in Arizona August 1952
The 'compleat' banker April 1973
The country bank in your town and mine December 1925
The reluctant banker Summer 1974
Time and savings deposits: impact of growth in Arizona October 1966
Walter Reed Bimson, Arizona's indispensable man, compleat banker April 1973
Welcome to S & L hell October 1989
Western Savings and Loan Association January 1, 1967
What happened? November 1989
What's new in banking? June 1976
When the banks closed, Arizona's bank holiday of 1933 Summer 1968
Which way to better banking competition? May 1966