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Title Date
When Bisbee was young January 1927
Two towns too tough to die February 1977
Towns too tough to die: Tombstone - now Bisbee September 1975
Touring Bisbee's fabulous underground August 1977
The rope and the book July 1970
The lesson of Bisbee's floods March 1964
The Lavender pit story August 8, 1954
The Bisbee store hold-up August 1926
The Bisbee store hold-up September 1926
The Arizona Suds Sippers ( and Straight Shooting Society); where else would you hold a beer drinkers' beer drinking convention? August 2, 1970
Sprawling growth of suburbs forced Bisbee to undertake its annexation program February 1960
So they called it Brwery Gulch May 23, 1965
Scenic, historic Bisbee in amazing Arizona October 1960
Modern pioneers September 1931
Joseph Francis
Don't bury them too soon October 12, 1969
Colorful mining towns of the old west November 1975
Bisbee's response to civil disorder May 1972
Bisbee's glory hole November 22, 1959
Bisbee's future greatness; value of ores in Warren district is beyond computation July 1914
Bisbee, historic city with a future October 1960
Bisbee, Arizona, the greatest copper mining center of the great Southwest May-June 1914
Bisbee, a university town June 1919
Bisbee, Arizona December 6, 1953
Bisbee, a mile high; plenty deep and a thriving community September 1929
Bisbee, "it's a different." January 1927
Bisbee massacre August 1941
Bisbee had Apache trouble November 12, 1972
Bisbee February 1952
Bisbee as a health resort mining camp August 1908
Bisbee February 1952
Bisbee January 13, 1900
Artists give 'dead' mining town new lease on life April 16, 1975
Another town too tough to die October 1976
A night in Belgrade April 1958
A matther of Opinion: Bisbee's civil disorder - in reply November 1972
A guide to the photographic archives of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum Summer 1989