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Title Date
A giant and its cousins September-October 1953
A volunteer's routine; card files, seeds, and bubble gum in the cactus August 16, 1970
Arizona - premier cactus state March 1973
Beauty and utility grow in the desert January 29, 1956
Cacti found in and near Tucson March 1934
Cactomaniacs; unique Valley club nurtures study of Arizona cacti January 24, 1954
Cactus January 1959
Cactus gardens for authentic desert charm August 28, 1960
Cactus John Haag January 1960
Craftsman in cactus wood April 1944
Cream flowered cactus with rose-red wreath November 1944
Curious desert dwellers October 1913
Dawn cactus of Green River May 1945
Der riesenkaktus in wirtschaft und mythologie der Sonorishen wustenstamme May 1963
Desert plant life November 1975
Fair are the flowers of spring January 1967
Flowering of the organ pipe cactus January-February 1967
Flunk the cacti course? Or can you identify 121 species?
In praise of cactus January 1, 1977
Living pincushions March 1897
Mother nature's cactus garden February 1951
New spineless cactus found September-October 1908
Our adventures in the land of the flowering cactus February 1965
Our desert beauties December 1955
Rare Peruvian cactus prefers night life October 11, 1964
Spineless cactus has limitations February-March 1920
Spineless cactus; failures, successes and future promise of its culture July 1913
Spineless cactus; failures, successes and future promise of its culture August 1913
The aboriginal utilization of the tall cacti in the American Southwest 1937
The blooming cactus April 1967
The cactus gardener learns propagation September 1960
The desert's brilliant beauty January 1931
The fantastic clan; the cactus family April 1932
The royal family of the desert March 1930
The spineless cactus; project design to demonstrate its practical utility May 1913