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Title Date
America's cameleers April 1964
Arizona's camel drivers fell heir to hard times November 20 1960
Camel caravans of the American deserts 1901
Camels caused commotions March 13, 1966
Camels flunk the test as desert transportation September 14, 1958
Camels in America October-December 1952
Camels in Arizona and the West March 6, 1966
Camels in the Colorado desert March 1897
Camels in the mine January 1949
Camels in the Southwest January 1929
Camels in the Southwest July 1932
Camels in the Southwest September 1932
Camels raised furor March 20 1966
Camels still seen at turn of century September 28, 1958
Camelus Americana July-August 1956
Cowboy rides a camel Summer 1953
Cowboy rides a camel July-August 1956
From the humps hangs the tale October 1974
Greek George
Hi Jolly closed an era April 3, 1966
Hi-Jolly July-August 1973
Jeff Davis and operation camel June 1952
Jeff Davis' camels in Arizona May 1923
Letter from J. Coyle July 1935
Monument to Hi Jolly May 1961
Ostriches and camels in Arizona November 19, 1972
Papago discover camels are good source of food September 21, 1958
Paragona of patience: Texas camel mythology Fall 1976
Readers write about camels August 7, 1966
Ships of the desert; the saga of Arizona's camels August 30 1974
Tales of wild camels March 27, 1966
The American camel experiment: a reappraisal April 1966
The camel who came to Tucson August 12, 1962
The camels are (were) coming, tra la, tra la June 1, 1972
The camels are (were) coming, tra la, tra la August 3, 1973
The camels are coming! The camels are coming! July 1976
The camels in Arizona February 1898
The camels in the Southwest, a forgotten experiment April 1907
The coming of the camels May 1956
The filming of a camel opera January 4, 1976
The great reconnaissance
The purchase and importation of camels by the United States government, 1855-1857 July 1929
The Red Ghost with a man on its back April 18, 1976
The U.S. Camel Corps Winter 1974
Those camels of Arizona December 1930
Uncle Sam's camel corps October 1926
When camels came to the desert March 1945
Wild camels in Arizona? January 1929