The University of Arizona
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Title Date
100 years of cattle ranching in Mohave December 7, 1972
3,000 cattle disappear September 8, 1968
373,000 calves in 1960: beef cattle income: $133 million January 1961
44th annual Yavapai calf sale November 1976
A land of beef as well as bullion
A phony Indian scare dissolves a partnership March 29, 1959
A ranch operation geared to marketing of yearlings January 1958
Accounting and tax problems of the cattle industry September 1957
Advantages of a cow-calf operation on grassland ranges January 1958
AHA scholarship awarded to Willcox youth December 1976
ANCA focuses on positive programs March 1975
Apacheland, Arizona's finest cattle ranch July 1950
Arizona February 1906
Arizona cattle at home on the range February 11, 1962
Arizona Cattle Growers' Association: policies for 1976 December 1975
Arizona Mesta November 1965
Arizona Ranch School April 1973
Arizona range history: dawn of desert grazing June 1962
Arizona range history: dawn of desert grazing July 1962
Arizona range history: dawn of desert grazing September 1962
Arizona star route January 1974
Arizona's new range war June 13-19, 1990
Aussie livestock industry December 6, 1973
Barzona cattle developed for Southwest October 1975
Beef cattle - Arizona's big industry January 1960
Beef cattle's fifth quarter October 1975
Beef was 10 cents a pound December 19, 1971
Border crossing for Mexican cattle September 21, 1958
Brand-doctoring artists led a touch-and-go life July 15, 1962
Cattle January 6, 1900
Cattle died by thousands October 17, 1976
Cattle drive to Winslow March 1957
Cattle grub control pays with calves March 1972
Cattle outlook for 1975 June 1975
Cattlemen say labor unions and government increase beef prices June 1976
Costs of producing range cattle in the Southwest October 1957
Development of the cattle industry in southern Arizona, 1870's and 80's July 1951
Early day cattle feeding in the Salt River Valley September 1953
Echoes of the conquistadores: Stock raising in Spanish-Mexican times Autumn 1975
Economic and financing situation for the beef industry August 1975
Everyone brings a big appetite September 19, 1965
Feeders and feedlots
Financing the range cattle producer July 1957
First big cattlemen October 19, 1975
Gary Oden, Yuma, Ariz. March 1973
Greener pastures for the Apache November 1954
H. B. Thurber - eminent "cattle citizen" of Arizona January 1967
Hereford tradition of Arizona's Boices is firmly rooted January 1964
Hereford tradition of Arizona's Boices is firmly rooted February 1964
Hereford tradition of Arizona's Boices is firmly rooted March 1964