The University of Arizona
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Title Date
Hereford tradition of Arizona's Boices is firmly rooted April 1964
Hon-dah in the land of the White Mountain Apaches April 1969
How Mexican cattle cross the Arizona line March 1955
Longhorn Lou says: "If you think my horns are handsome, you should take a look at my rump roast!" June 7, 1973
Man with a meat selling mission September 1962
Meeting the challenge of anti-meat statements June 1977
New growth industry - The beef business May 1973
No herbicide residues in meat June 1972
Old range days and new in Arizona March 1908
Otero family sets record as oldest cattle business February 17, 1957
Outlook for cattle in the year ahead March 1972
Overstocking of the ranges in southern Arizona during the 1870's and 1880's Spring 1961
Range livestock distribution January 1958
Rangelands and range conservation in relation to the livestock industry February 1972
Rangelands and range conservation in relation to the livestock industry March 1972
Rangelands and range conservation in relation to the livestock industry June 1972
Recent developments in the Western feeder cattle industry May 1955
Reduced quality grades on beef next? April 1973
Remember the days when cattle was king? October 1972
State land access by hunters debated at Cattle Growers meeting October 1976
Struggle in the stockyards; the rise and fall of Cooperative Livestock Commission Co. Winter 1976
The Apaches run cattle May-June 1964
The Arizona cattle ranch March 1963
The beef cattle situation and outlook November 1974
The big grab in Arizona February 15, 1950
The birth of a giant August 1972
The birth of a giant September 1972
The biter bitten January 21, 1968
The cattle buyer November 4, 1973
The cattle inspector November 21, 1965
The cow business; how it affects all of us February 1965
The cowboy and cattle; Tucson's economic roots still hold firm February 1977
The economic impact of cattle feeding in Arizona: a rejoinder June-July 1972
The economic value of the Arizona cattle industry January 1959
The fall outlook: it's a waiting game August 1975
The Hash Knife outfit June 1956
The impact of tax reform on the livestock industry, part 1 September 1972
The importance of the cattle industry November 1956
The meeting at Jack Shoe ranch October 13, 1974
The range cattle industry in Arizona March 1929
The San Rafael Cattle Company, a Pennsylvania enterprise in Arizona Summer 1966
The St. Johns street battle July-August 1967
The story of the Canoa Ranch, one of the oldest and most historical cattle ranches in Arizona October 1925
The University and the cattle industry March 1948
The vanishing Arizonans January 24, 1965
Treasury tax proposal rocks livestock industry May 1973
U.S.-Mexican livestock trade hits record high in 1973 March 1974
Unique feeder sales bring top dollars to Arizonana August 1969
Wallace Altoha, R 14, Apache cowboy December 1967
Yavapai cattle auction December 15, 1968