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Title Date
Yumas killed competitors July 13, 1969
Wooden boats plus Colorado rapids equals adventure May 1974
When Boulder Dam is built, the Colorado River, now a flood menace, can be developed into the West's greatest single asset February 1926
We saw a rockfall in Glen Canyon January 1957
Unity and the Colorado; the mighty river must be harnessed by joint action to forestall calamity March 1923
Trouble on the Colorado December 1960
This is our land November 1962
They run the ferry at Hite February 1952
They braved the wild, wild river June 1958
The useful Colorado; at Laguna dam the big river is once more harnessed June 1909
The use and misuse of a river May 1967
The three who were lost April 1945
The Salton Sea Menace January 1906
The problem of the Colorado river October 1906
The need of flood control on the Colorado River January 1923
The League of the Southwest May 1920
The Hole in the Rock April 1957
The great proposed irrigation project of the Colorado River June 1921
The great Colorado River boat cruise September 18, 1966
The fate of the Rio Colorado June 1904
The engineer and the canyon July 1960
The complete Colorado River November 29, 1970
The Colorado River International Boundary December 1968
The Colorado River from its sources to the sea May 1968
The Colorado River August 1893
The Colorado River April 1902
The Colorado River - the physical and biological setting July 1960
The Colorado desert January 1873
The burning question of the Colorado River January 1923
The Arizona plan for the national development of the Colorado River February 1922
Riverman July 1962
River rat on the Colorado June 14, 1959
River playground June 1958
River gold October 1942
River Colorado July 1928
Recreation river August 1959
Reclamation and the Colorado July 1960
Powerboats on the Colorado May 1954
Pollution on the Colorado River August 1955
New auto ferry on the Colorado May 1956
Near sights of dam sites; eminent engineers discover how little they really know of the Colorado River September 1923
Murl Emery, Colorado River rat November 1967
Marble Canyon damsite March 1951
Man's conquest of the Colorado June 1958
Lee's Ferry on the Colorado November 1943
Last wagon through the Hole-in-the-Rock June 1954
In search of a lost river 1990
Image makers of the Colorado Canyons May 1967
How to curb and utilize the flood waters of the Colorado river September 1912
How deadly is Big Red? Spring 1969