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Title Date
Yuma and the lower Colorado River December 1956
Yuma and the lower Colorado River December 1959
Where Lake Mead meets the Colorado February 1954
What's a nice girl like you doing in a river like this? June 1973
We ran a river, Pt. I and II 1943 through 1947
We ran a river, Pt. I and II 1928 through 1936
Utah's sternwheel riverboat July 1973
Up the river from Imperial October 1960
Treasures of Topok March 1956
Traveling the Canyon's white water highway June 1906
To the rock that goes over February 1952
This is river country February 1966
The water was rough in Cataract Canyon February 1958
The Steiger expedition September 26, 1971
The silvery Colorado from Hoover Dam to Yuma Crossing August 1972
The River, the River July 1975
The Powell exploration of the Green and Colorado River, 1969-1969 March 1969
Special section on Parker area of the Colorado River February 1956
Six westerners: 3. River runner (anonymous) November 1969
Running the Colorado rapids September 1972
Roughing it through Marble Canyon June 29, 1969
River run May 1967
River rat on the Colorado November 29, 1959
River pilot Georgia White brings record party through Grand Canyon October 1955
Parker, Lake Havasu area abundant March 1964
Parker, a fun-tastic playland November 1967
Parker strip December 1971
Paradise (to be?) lost August 22, 1965
No Man's Island, the land between Arizona and California that neither state will claim September-October 1953
In the wake of John Wesley Powell June 1969
High adventure on the Colorado River August 22, 1954
Grand Canyon is becoming the world's greatest shoot-the-chute May 7, 1967
Glen Canyon voyage October 1952
Glen Canyon exploring February 1957
Georgie White, queen of the rivers April 1965
Flying the Colorado June 1958
Flying down to Parker October 1965
Exploring the "lost hundred" May 1974
Exploring Marble Canyon November 1951
Cruising the lower Colorado 1970
Colorful lakes on the Colorado May 1967
Canyonlands by night April 1974
Braving the Colorado as a river rat July 1970
Boat trip in the Canyon of Lodore July 1956
Boat trip in Mojave Canyon February 1953
Boat ride in Desolation Canyon October 1954
Blythe and the Palo Verde Valley April 1961
Big boom on the Colorado April 1958
Arizona's fresh water swamp April 1953
Arizona's "air-conditioned" float June 24, 1962