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Title Date
Young farmer stakes future on cotton May 16, 1965
Why the long staple March 1914
When the maid returns to the buckle of Arizona's cotton belt March 24, 1974
What cotton did to Arizona; through four years' profits vanished in three months, the Copper State is still smiling July 1921
The ginning process May 15, 1960
The crowning product of a royal valley April-May 1918
The cotton story May 16, 1965
Submarines made Phoenix grow September 1965
Some cotton patch; operations of the Southwestern Cotton Company August 1917
Solving the cotton yield puzzle June 1977
New cottons designed for better health and cleaner lint September 1976
National Cotton Week salutes 'the king' May 18, 1958
Limber up your cotton pickin' hands for a busy season October 9, 1955
King cotton
King cotton from seed to shirt May 14, 1961
Just desert land; Phoenix man makes cotton grow where authorities say it wouldn't August 1914
Insect visitors to cotton flowers June 1976
Fluctuation of wild bee and wasp visits to cotton flowers June 1976
Egyptian cotton October 1917
Egyptian cotton; cultural suggestions for its growing in the Salt River Valley, Arizona April 1913
Egyptian cotton November-December 1916
Cotton--Arizona's biggest farm product May 16, 1965
Cotton--dashin' fashion May 16, 1965
Cotton: Important to all, especially all Arizonans January 1974
Cotton, ancient and modern March 1958
Cotton: a many-million $$ income to Arizona May 13, 1962
Cotton, a $multi-million business May 12, 1963
Cotton a many maker; its certain success as an Arizona product October 1913
Cotton ... queen of Arizona agriculture May 15, 1960
Championship bale rollers will compete in Chandler May 17, 1959
Cactusland cotton: falling prices ... and fast expansion of Arizona desert patches March 9, 1953
Arizona's cotton stake May 1957
Arizona cotton, big yield, high quality May 17, 1964
Arizona Cotton Week, May 11-15, 1953 May 10 1953
Arizona cotton town, an exploratory inquiry October 1956
Arizona cotton carnival October 1920