The University of Arizona
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Title Date
A Native American theatre ensemble October 1973
A Southwestern personality type Summer 1947
Ancient culture June 10 1956
Arizona Indian women and their future February 1912
Arizona Indians 1949 through 1950
At heard Museum Fair, games that Indians play March 26, 1967
Birds in Southwestern Indian life February 1940
Bourke on the Southwest January 1933
Coyote goes Hollywood Spring 1989
Coyote goes Hollywood Fall 1989
Discussion July 1895
Documentary evidence pertaining to the early historic period of southern Arizona April 1952
Dwellers at the source January 1974
From Lewisburg to California in 1849; notes from the diary of William H. Chmberlin January 1945
Good luck shrines of the desert January 1941
Indian country July 1955
Indian tribes of Arizona March 1938
Indian tribes of Arizona Summer 1969
Indian tribes of Colorado Rier unite in federation August 3, 1972
Indians of Arizona August 1958
John G. Bourke on the Arizona Apache, 1874 October 1943
Miss Indian Arizona Pageant May 4, 1969
Mowry, Sylvester. [Letter on condition of the Indian tribes]
Non puebloan tribes May 1951
Pueblo Indians of historic times May 1951
Spanish names for tribes confused early historians July 8, 1962
The ancient province of Tusayan December 1875
The Central Plains Indian Club June 25, 1967
The distribution of the Indians of Arizona in 1848 January 1945
The early Navajo and Apache July 1895
The identity problem of the Native Americans September 19, 1976
The Indian culture has something to say April 18, 1971
The Indian view of night September 1974
The Indians of Arizona December 1907
The Indians of Northern Arizona June 1933
The route of James O. Pattie on the Colorado in 1826 Summer 1964
The stereotyping of North American Indians in motion pictures Spring 1973
The Tepee tourists March 20 1966
The tribes of the thirty-fifth parallel September 1858
The urban red man May 17, 1970
The year the stars fell December 7, 1969
Thou art the Man, an Address on the Indian Question in 1892 by Colonel George Bliss Sanford Spring 1968
[untitled] January 1934
[untitled] April 1934
[untitled] July 1934
[untitled] October 1934
[untitled] January 1935
[untitled] October 1935
[untitled] January 1936
[untitled] April 1936