The University of Arizona
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Title Date
Upward Bound's all-Indian students fulfill promise May 1969
Two innovations in teaching May 1973
To know both worlds May 1975
The Phoenix-Arizona survey December 1, 1940
The National Study of American Indian Education Fall 1969
The Indian's education November 14, 1976
The Indian Education Act of 1972 May 1975
The greatest of all Indian needs is education February 1946
The forgotten children of the great white father December 1951
The first American: last in education January 1977
The Center of Indian Education at ASU: a report by the new director October 1976
The American Indian Studies Program, University of Arizona Spring-Summer 1972
Survey - opinions of Indian Upward Bound students on: reservations and tribal customs, history and language May 1969
Separate schools for a "non-chic" minority? October 1975
Self-determination and Indian education January 1974
Richey School hope symbol for forgotten Yaqui Indians February 9, 1972
Resource centers for children with learning disabilities May 1975
Red apples January 1973
Problems Indian students face Summer 1972
Poor lo - the Indian December 1913
Physical facilities at Tuba City are cooperative venture October 1972
Phoenix school trains Indians as missionaries March 23, 1958
Phoenix Indians adopt community education January-February 1974
Oral language production and reading achievement among selected students October 1973
NIEA Conference deemed success January 1975
New directions in Indian education Winter 1975
National School Lunch Program and Indian school children Winter 1974
My brother's keeper January 1900
My brother's keeper November 1899
My brother's keeper December 1899
My brother's keeper October 1899
My brother's keeper August 1899
My brother's keeper September 1899
Museums and American Indian education October 1973
Movies for the red man August 1950
Legal obligations to provide educational services for Indians January 1974
Leadership training program at Phoenix Indian High School May 1971
Law for American Indians Summer 1975
Indian students train to serve as librarians October 1973
Indian Oasis v. Warner: a case of federal supremacy in public education October 1986
Indian education April 1957
In Albuquerque: An Indian Education Resources Center October 1972
In a government Indian school November 1897
Implementing Indian culture in the educational program of BIA school Fall 1972
I broke the barrier Winter 1970
Higher eduction programs for American Indians October 1972
Graduation May 16, 1975
From Phoenix Convention Center May 1975
First model preschool program developed at Tucson for handicapped Indian children May 1971
First deficiency appropriation bill for 1949