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Title Date
Water rights: life or death for the American Indian Summer 1972
Thoughts on the Indian dilemma Fall 1973
The United States and the betrayal of Indian water rights Summer 1974
The tribal alternative to bureaucracy: The Indian's New Deal, 1933-1945 January 1974
The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 July 1972
The Indian Bureau is wrong March 1956
The Indian Bureau is right March 1956
The Federal executive branch and the First Americans: A trustee's report Fall 1973
The Doolittle Report of 1867 Summer 1975
The Congressional Medal of Honor August 26, 1973
The bureaucratic game and proposed Indian ploy Fall 1975
The Bureau of Indian Affairs Fall 1973
Research firm organized to help tribes with contracts May 1971
My brother's keeper January 1900
My brother's keeper December 1899
My brother's keeper November 1899
My brother's keeper September 1899
My brother's keeper October 1899
My brother's keeper August 1899
Lest we (and Congress) forget November 9, 1975
Indians of the terraced houses June 1913
Indians face genocide; water rights: number one survival issue January 1973
Indian water rights and the National Water Commission Fall 1973
Indian peace medals in American history June 1975
Indian cultural coordinators project Spring 1975
Indian agent November 1947
Historical method and American Indian treaties Fall 1973
Grant awarded to Arizona Indians March 13, 1975
First deficiency appropriation bill for 1949
Federal management of Indian timber lands Fall 1976
European expansion and the enslavement of Southwestern Indians Summer 1959
Enforced acculturation and Indian-White relations Winter 1973
Criminal jurisdiction over Indian lands: a journey through a jurisdictional maze 1976
Arizona Indians are on the move July 24, 1955
Anglo-American jurisprudence and the Native American tribal quest for religious freedom 1989
A chained dog: the Indian-fighting army July 1973