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Title Date
Was fire once a part of figurine rituals? January-March 1969
The sites at Vasey's Paradise October-December 1966
The manufacture of copper bells found in Southwestern sites Spring 1953
The Folsom point from the Rising Site, southeast Arizona February 1967
The antiquity and inferred use of stone spheroids in Southwestern archaelogy July-September 1967
Split-twig figurines from Sycamore Canyon, cantral Arizona Winter 1966
Split-twig animal figurines April 1955
Split-twig figurines January 1939
Split-twig figurines from NA5607, northern Arizona Winter 1966
Prehistoric arrow nock files from Canyon de Chelly Winter 1973
Pottery figurines from central Arizona December 1960
Obsidian debitage from Elden Pueblo, north central Arizona: a trial study December 1970
More about split-twig figurines September 1949
Large hunting nets in collections of the Arizona State Museum November 1956
Laboratory analysis of hair from hunting net A-22415 in the Collections of the Arizona State Museum Spring 1971
Inventory of prehistoric southwestern copper bells: additions and corrections October 1964
Cultural implications of the ball courts in Arizona Spring 1949
Copper figurines from Arizona January 1941
Ball courts in northern Arizona? May 1936
Arrow fever March 1952
An early ball court near Globe, Arizona October 1957
An artifact of human bone from eastern Arizona January 1955
A prehistoric twined-woven bag from the Trigo Mountains, Arizona February 1963
A prehistoric rubber ball January 1936
A pine gum table December 1967
A large clay figurine from Prescott, Arizona November 1956
A human effigy of stone from a great kiva figurine found near Springerville, Arizona April 1961
A Hohokam pottery bell January 1953
A Hohokam "Venus." July-September 1963
A high status burial from Grasshopper Ruin, Arizona December 1967
A cross check on the dating of Lake Mojave artifacts January-March 1967
A copper bell from southwest Colorado Fall 1962
A clay sandal last from Utah October 1948
A boned porcupine tail from Sedona, Arizona Fall 1967