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Title Date
The influence of economic geography upon the rise and fall of the pueblo culture in Arizona December 1931
A new sub-culture in Arizona December 1937
A small island of culture near Flagstaff, Arizona September 1937
Altitude sorting of ethnic groups in the Southwest Fall 1974
An outline of southwestern prehistoric April 1930
An outline of Yuma prehistory Summer 1945
Before the Anasazi 1990
Did the Sinagua of the Verde Valley settle in the Salt River Valley? Autumn 1947
Eastern-central Arizona archaeology in relation to the western pueblos Summer 1950
Life in Pueblo II (ca.700-100A.D.) September 1933
Northern Arizona's first farmers October 1934
Results of a study of the Cohonina branch of the Patayan culture in 1938 December 1938
Stages in northern Arizona prehistory July 1935
The abondonment of the Sna Juan region April 1944
The Concho complex: a popular report July 1952
The dating of early Mogollon horizons December 1948
The distinctive features of distribution of the San Jaun Ansazi culture Autumn 1946
The economic geography of the Winona phase March 1938
The Patayha problem in the Colorado River valley Spring 1945
The pre-eruptive and post-eruptive Signagua patterns October 1961
The significance of Willow Beach October 1952
The west Mexico tradition and the Southwestern United States Winter 1975
The western pueblo archaeological complex January 1948
Tuthill, C. Notes on on the Dragoon complex
Winona Village, a prehistoric site showing Hohokam influence in the Flagstaff area January 1937